People are less interested in iOS 15 than they were in iOS 14, based on installs so far

23 September 2021
A new report from Mixpanel says the new OS version isn't really that popular.

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  • James


Video you transfer to a Windows 10 machine (whether or not you recorded it before upgrading to iOS 15) is massively unstable and almost useless when played on the Windows machine. The bit rate is different, which may be the cause, but whatever - the video on Windows is massively randomly pixelated. If this would be a problem for you, DO NOT UPGRADE TO 15.x

  • adi

i will not install so early as we all know apple will slow down old devices without your knowledge. i'm okay to continue for few more years till my phone is older.

  • Anonymous

Kimi, 28 Sep 2021Coz its boring! And the update does not much have any diffe... moreSays one who probably hasn't even used iOS at all. iOS 15 has bunch of tiny really cool and useful features that we're still discovering since presentation only mentioned big ones.

For example I absolutely love how you can scan any kind of text and instantly input it anywhere, be it in messages, e-mail, notes, browser search field or URL address, anywhere. Just long press into any text field and select rectangular icon with some lines in it. Point at any text, capture it and it's instantly copied into that input field. It's such a simple thing, but can be so insanely useful.

  • Kimi

Coz its boring! And the update does not much have any difference to an individual!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1018819, 24 Sep 2021Oh noes, shameful copying because you said so. How will wor... moreThe world will recover just fine, ios won't be able to recover... same way Mac OS wasn't able to after they got their @$$ kicked by Microsoft in the PC war

I can easily install iOS 15 on my youngest sister's iPhone 6s right now if I want to, but I'm holding off for about a month or two to see how stable iOS 15 is.

  • RVA

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021That’s how lithium ion batteries degrade. If your moving to... moreIt won't necesarily degrade in the same way. Degradation depends on how battery was charged/discharged and how often. If you charge to 75% only you extend yor battery life by 3x. If you fully charge just before you start using your phone (in the morning instead of when you went to bed) you will prolong your battery life. So you claim the battery degradation is the same with every manufacturer is not correct.

  • Anonymous

I think one reason is that this update hasn’t brought anything new to the older devices (iPhone X and older) . Thus owners doesn’t feel any urge to update it. Well it’s true in my case

Part of this might be because of the new notification system and what facetime call alerts look like, pretty much all my friends who did update HATE how it looks now

  • bob

there's probably less adoption because we all now know that they built a backdoor into the system (their excuse was- it's a kiddie porn watch alert system) therefore negating any security systems.

  • AnonD-1018819

AAA Media, 24 Sep 2021All features shamelessly copied from Android. Google lens ... moreOh noes, shameful copying because you said so. How will world recover! Anyway...

  • AnonD-1018819

AAA Media, 24 Sep 2021They did intentionally do it. Stop drinking Apple Kool aid!... moreLol, whatevers dude. Call me whatever your narrow mind desires, I frankly don't care. At the end of the day iOS 15 will get to users whether your hateful mind accepts it or not.

Sunny, 23 Sep 2021This ios 15 is a big nonsence as I used it for two days now... moreEven many reviewers have acknowledged iphone overhearing during regular web browsing in the sun. And this was on iOS 14 (stable). Franky speaking, this is a sign of a poorly designed product that can't compete with the Android Giants. Pay 1000$ for this buggy mess?? No Thank you!!!

AnonD-1018819, 23 Sep 2021Fully on-device Siri, translation anywhere, copying of text... moreAll features shamelessly copied from Android.
Google lens implementation is light years ahead of its iOS counterpart.
Google assistant is miles ahead of Siri.
Google camera processing is significantly ahead compared to iPhone camera processing

AnonD-1018819, 23 Sep 2021It is you who doesn't know. Just because the mechanism... moreThey did intentionally do it. Stop drinking Apple Kool aid!
No wonder nobody is excited about iOS 15, not even their own fans as confirmed by this article.

That's coz they deep down know that iOS 15 will offer nothing new to the table, but for sure will introduce new bugs that they don't want to deal with on an otherwise stable device

  • Ravi

It broked my phone functionality and no proper resolution from same. Saw lot of people with same issue at service center. I don't think now people dare to update iOS unless it's with trusted feedback

  • Anonymous

Note 20 Ultra, 23 Sep 2021I used to have iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max but never saw battery ... moreThat’s how lithium ion batteries degrade. If your moving to a different manufacturer, the battery will also degrade because it is the exact same technology.

  • Anonymous

imparanoic, 23 Sep 2021also factully inaccurate, bbc and sky news also reported af... moreThey probably thought the battery was good because the phone did not shut down 🤦‍♂️

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021Lol you pretend to have that phone Mine stays at 97% aft... moreNo fake it was 100% and brand new with 12 Months Apple warranty. You can't buy fake iPhones with iOS activation process and eSIM. I have extended the warranty for another year. But frankly for the top end Laptop price, the iPhone warranty extension must be available for five years. These prices are unsustainable for me! Welcome Mi11 Ultra with folded hands!