People are less interested in iOS 15 than they were in iOS 14, based on installs so far

23 September 2021
A new report from Mixpanel says the new OS version isn't really that popular.

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AnonD-1016461, 23 Sep 2021Every company got their own way some left you in void after... moreMy Samsung S6 Edge isn't slow at all. In fact it is a very old phone. So no not every company slows down their phones.

pranxraj, 23 Sep 2021I believe it’s also to do with how the update is delivered.... moreI was gonna say the same thing. Since I updated to iOS 15, a friend of mine said how did I update. When I showed the update on his phone, he didn't even realize it was there. He assumed final was not released to this region yet.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021You still don’t get it, and if you didn’t get it after 5 ye... morealso factully inaccurate, bbc and sky news also reported affected iphones with healthy batteries, hence why the massive backlash, also why apple immediated assigned a update to reverse this.

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I mean it wasn't drastic enough to have the urge to upgrade now.

And that's not a bad thing, as a Windows and Android user there were times I didn't upgrade immediately my computer or phone because I didn't have the urge.

Same with windows 11 for example, I need a computer that just works and thus I wait for a few months before upgrading, this is no different except that most iOS will upgrade earlier to the new version, than I will do to Windows 11.

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Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Doesn't help how buggy the first few releases are.No bugs so far on my 11

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CooLBoy123, 23 Sep 2021I’m not Upgrading because previously I saw worst Bugs sever... moreBiggest Hot fixing, excellent

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imparanoic, 23 Sep 2021actually proven correct, apple has previously admitted afte... moreYou still don’t get it, and if you didn’t get it after 5 years, then I gues you will never understand it. This only affects phones with a BROKEN battery, one that cannot provide enough voltage and so on, but that is probably already to intellectually challenging for you. So I will break it down even further for the stubborn little thing in your head that you call brain:

Broken battery means, the phone shuts down when it has to do challenging stuff.
That‘s what happened with every Android phone and iPhone up until the iPhone 5s.
From the iPhone 6 And on, the phone does not shut down, but throttle and stay on.

Now if you got that, and have like 2% more brain capacity left, you may also get the following:
When the phone shuts down because of a broken battery, the charge goes to 0%.
Like a scenario, the phone is at 86%, you Open a Heavy App, it shuts down and now has 0%.
With an iPhone from 6 and newer, the phone will not shut down, but the App will be very slow instead.

  • Anonymous

That is because the update is optional. You have to consciously tap the little banner which says that iOS 15 is available. Before, version upgrades were handled like every other minor update. This is more like upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in terms of how you have to proceed to get iOS 15 (not as drastic but a difference, tapping a banner, which many people don’t actively do)

AnonD-1018819, 23 Sep 2021This dumb myth still circulating around? Jesus christ...actually proven correct, apple has previously admitted after being caught downclocking older phones cpu for supposed battery improvements, they reverse this decision after being caught with a new update after back lash from consumers around 2018

AnonD-1018819, 23 Sep 2021This dumb myth still circulating around? Jesus christ...Myth? Apple accepted this

I’m not Upgrading because previously I saw worst Bugs several times that deteriorates my Battery Health.. So I’m waiting for Biggest Hot fixings..

  • AnonD-1018819

rizki1, 23 Sep 2021I've seen side by side IOS 14 with 15 on YouTube, and ... moreFully on-device Siri, translation anywhere, copying of text from any photo content, Focus feature etc. There are quite some things that are pretty useful, but are more under the hood and not in your face like Widgets were. They are still pretty useful. I've updated it right away after it was announced and so far I don't have any issues with it.

Not even a week after release is not really a measure of anything, especially since iOS 15 was announced as "optional" update where iOS 14.x will continue to be supported for longer than usual after new release is out.

  • AnonD-1018819

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021My iPad is draining battery faster than before. it's b... moreIt's always like this after updating. iPhones and iPads do their own internal cleaning and indexing after an update which causes this higher power drain. It should stop soon and return to normal.

  • AnonD-1018819

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Probably because Apple purposely slows down the older devic... moreThis dumb myth still circulating around? Jesus christ...

Maybe iOS device' users update less because they remove compatibility of third party non-MFi wireless game controller support starting down from iOS 13. And it's fun & easy to use & pair a wireless gamepad controller thru bluetooth eapecially on any iPads that have larger wider screens since it's hard to touch&play on this larger heavier displays. I just hope Apple will remove this incompatibility issue because i think most of the iOS device' users are all gamers, hahaha!

  • JG01

Its not that we don't want to get the upgrade. The hesitation is due the users learning from previous updates, that while Apple might add new features or update some apps, they break many others things in the process! We are not eager to become testers for Apple....we have better things to do with our lives. Apple developed the OS + Apps, it's their job the release a good , stable product and pay for employees to test it.

  • Rysenchi

Apple it’s time for a redesign. I’m a loyal iPhone user but iPhones and iOS have become the very definition of same old design. Android 12 and Pixel 6, on the other hand, are genuinely exciting in every way.

  • AnonD-1016461

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Probably because Apple purposely slows down the older devic... moreEvery company got their own way some left you in void after a year , some bloat your device (but tbh apple is undersight by people for slowing down devices so probably apple avoid it)

I believe it’s also to do with how the update is delivered. This time in software update section the check actually says you phone /iPad is up to date (on14.8).
However at the bottom of the screen there is a small bar which gives you option to update to ios15.

So mostly people are used to see at top/Center and it tells automatically that a nee update is available whereas this time it tells you software is up to date and then shows the ios15 option separately at the bottom of the screen.

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Probably because Apple purposely slows down the older devices and creates problems in order to make them by the new devices.