People are less interested in iOS 15 than they were in iOS 14, based on installs so far

23 September 2021
A new report from Mixpanel says the new OS version isn't really that popular.

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  • pranxraj

I believe it’s also to do with how the update is delivered. This time in software update section the check actually says you phone /iPad is up to date (on14.8).
However at the bottom of the screen there is a small bar which gives you option to update to ios15.

So mostly people are used to see at top/Center and it tells automatically that a nee update is available whereas this time it tells you software is up to date and then shows the ios15 option separately at the bottom of the screen.

  • Anonymous

My iPad is draining battery faster than before. it's been 2 days

  • Sunny

This ios 15 is a big nonsence as I used it for two days now. Camera going blank after long use over 10 minutes specially ultra wide camera. Phone gets hanged some time and some times apps like insta not displayed correctly. Phone getting heated like before on long extensive use of mild to heavy apps. Battery getting drained overnight as in 14.8. Conclusion is that iphones are now a complete fail as compared to android just as per software bugs basis. Typing from iphone 12 pro max.

  • AnonD-1016461

Guys wait a bit

  • Anonymous

Vikramtpm97, 23 Sep 2021Some with slightly old devices are scared that Apple might ... morehave u try ? or just listen to the internet

  • Anonymous

Doesn't help how buggy the first few releases are.

I've seen side by side IOS 14 with 15 on YouTube, and yes there is not much difference. iOS 14 is good because it has widgets for the first time.

Some with slightly old devices are scared that Apple might throttle CPU/GPU and thereby affect performance.

I installed it yesterday and there’s nothing new except that ugly wallpaper which was I think made by a Java coder

wasn't it released like 24h ago? most people probably have a very slow internet speed and couldn't be bother to download it