Android 12 "monet" color theming may be adopted by other OEMs

23 September 2021
Android 12's theming pulls accent colors form the wallpaper, and Google Pixels may not be the only ones able to do that.

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Marshmallow was Android 6, not 5.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Well at least AOSP will look less ugly now but I can't... moreHell, we got Oneplus ditching Monet for simplicity and aesthetics, and other OEMs like Samsung may adapt it, One UI 4.0 has its codename Palette, means they might use Monet soon

  • Anonymous

This theming makes it difficult for OEM skins to adapt.

  • Anonymous

Please no, I don't even run vanilla android but I have already few Google apps using this and having (mostly) colour inconsistencies, but also design ones too.

It's stupid everything now has a blue accent (and of course every app uses A DIFFERENT TINT OF BLUE) just because my wallpaper has like 5% blue in it...

I liked Material Design, but Material You is a clown fest that forces you to change a wallpaper to change the bloody acdent colour in apps (and in case of vanilla android the whole UI)

  • Anonymous

Nothing new. Like always, google is trying to catch up with OEMs interface.

  • Anonymous

Lol Android 5.0 is lollipop, 6.0 is marshmallow :)

In my mind in 12.0 &12.1 versions they have to put a lot not just themes so i mean the X-Developers they are working fantastic with the files that they produced.In the android 11 the security was OK but the overall the theme was just a little gray so if the company have three theme inside there phone like one gaming theme S RGB other working and like live one and the other company official one great for overall users.

  • Anonymous

Well at least AOSP will look less ugly now but I can't see OEMs adopting this. Xiaomi has a very good theme app with much better looking themes.

  • Anonymous

yes Android 5.0 marshmallow, what a time it was

  • Vango

Yes, please. The design is the main reason I was excited for Android 12 but Samsung's One UI 4.0 beta still sticks with their old design, and OnePlus would probably go full Colour OS now. So unless Google releases the 6a here in India I'm worried I won't get the new design

  • Nagar

Is this thing similar to what jolla OS did back then? I like this a lot can’t wait to see it