Here is how to pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2

23 September 2021
The baseline 8/128GB model starts at $1,499/€1,599/£1,349.

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  • Anonymous

Day one purchase for me.

Lol, what Microsoft is smoking? Using 2 screens which are not even foldable with shitty hinge. It should be no more than 750 dollar phone, disgraceful, sorry for anyone who will buy this trash

  • Black

Did Ms think, they can find enough idiots, to buy it for this insane price?
1. Huge Bezels, like 10 years before
2. Price too expensive for what u get
3. Looks better as 1.Gen, but not much.
4. Too small display size, with splitted Screen. Why???

  • Riddimbob

RobZ, 23 Sep 2021not with that price! i much rather get the galaxy fold 2 in... moreGenius

Slowly entering back to mobile world.
Well, shouldn't exit mobile world 5 years back.

not with that price! i much rather get the galaxy fold 2 instead of Surface duo 2!
so drop the price like half! put a true fast charging capability, and for the love of GOD get rid of those huge bezels! it's almost 2022 not 2016!

Personally, I think the Duo 2 looks promising. I like the hinge that shows notifications. I like the improved specs. My problem isn't with the device. It's Microsoft. This is a niche device that may never catch on.

  • zack

spend a little more and just get yourself a galaxy z fold 3

  • Anonymous

The concept of that device is hugely flawed. There are lots of things that are impractical and will make the everyday use a real pain. Microsoft is too insistent to make it a niche product, but I am sure that it won't happen. They read falsely the feedback of the first one. Yes, a better chipset, camera and display are to be expected at that price, but in reality it is the way you interact with the device that is important. It is not even friendly to its own accessories - magnetically attached pen at the outer surfaces, and where do I keep it the rest of the time when it is in my pocket? The outward looking triple camera module is a direct copy - paste from the regular slab phones which is completely illogical here. I think this will be the last attempt for the Duo.

  • Anonymous

Wow.. with that price, I rather buy Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jimbob

Wont sell well at that price... dont buy and let the price tumble.

  • Anonymous

This crap is nothing worth more than $99

Ha-ha :D Good joke Microsoft XD Who will be so fanatic to buy one of this overpriced garbage :D For 1/2 of the price it would be okayish... Still expensive, but considerable (Personally I would not buy it for that price as well)

  • Anonymous

😁 is really someone who pre ordered this nonsense?!

AWESOMW SAUCE, 23 Sep 2021This is so good I cannot wait to buy 6 for all my family membersYes it really is perfect


This is so good I cannot wait to buy 6 for all my family members

SOF, 23 Sep 2021I would buy this for $200. Or else galaxy fold 3 for $1500. Hhhh great I agree

The screen to body ratio sucks and not SD 888+

Tooo expensive in that kind of price you should get Fold 2 Sam ,Fold Xiomi

  • SOF

I would buy this for $200. Or else galaxy fold 3 for $1500.