Weekly poll: how important is a high refresh rate screen to you?

26 September 2021
It's a feature that gets heavily advertised, but do users actually care?

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YUKI93, 26 Sep 2021I definitely can attest to that. At one point, using 120Hz ... moreWhich phone you have?? I get hardly 30 min more SOT with 60hz

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021iPhone's are not luxury item. It's just that Appl... moreBest overall balanced phone?? Says who??

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Games on mobile stuck with too many limtations…so 60Hz is enough.

HRR on PC is better

AnonD-1016461, 26 Sep 2021"Hey look my screen refreshes images 120 times per sec... moreNo but if you look at comments all over the internet, people did brag about high refresh rate screens and now they have fights with iphone users which company did it better. And for what?
Outside gaming it literally has no use. It just drains the battery for no reason.
The same goes for 2k screens. Why they need it so bad on their 6.5 inch phones I'll never understand...

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021It's worth it, look at the ROG phone 2's battery ... moreWithout LTPO is you're a heavy user, even with 5000mA+ it wont yield all day battery life. The S20 Ultra is a perfect example of this. LTPO is available, it's out there, so why not? It makes all the sense in the world. It even ends up saving battery life vs static 60Hz panel! (see iPhone 13 vs 13 Pro battery tests)

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sa11oum, 27 Sep 2021The tradeoff of 120Hz vs battery life isn't worth it, ... moreIt's worth it, look at the ROG phone 2's battery life performance with and without 120hz. Phones with 5000mah or bigger batteries, you don't really need LTPO though even longer battery life is always nice to have.

Also it's anecdotal but I can even tell the difference between 120hz and 144hz. You get diminishing returns from this point on though.

Ellen Dale, 27 Sep 2021Exactly the way I think People hasn't complained a th... more1. Of course no one will complain about 30Hz back in the days when phones are only used for basic calls, texts, and some other multimedia purposes. Smartphones have come a long way now and are FAR more capable of doing so many more things, so having a faster refresh rate display will surely be needed eventually as people get more productive with their devices. Besides, your statement is seemingly sounding like you'd be fine paying $500 for a phone with 30Hz refresh rate. If you are, then it's your choice, but others have already progressed and they surely deserve to get high refresh rate displays on their hundred dollar smartphones.

2. Having a stable software is another topic, and it has nothing to do with high refresh rate display. It's not like you can't have both at the same time, as even my budget phone Redmi K30 5G from almost 2 years ago is already very fast and stable even with 120Hz mode turned on. This is just a $300 phone from 2019, imagine how much better the newer budget phones are now.

3. Right now you still can't utilize the higher refresh rate on all sort of applications, but as more phones get higher refresh rate, software developers will also eventually optimize their programs to make use of higher refresh rate display capabilities of smartphones just like how they adapted to the elongated aspect ratio from 3 years ago. Someday, 120Hz will be the new standard and your 60Hz phone will be outdated much sooner than you think.

4. Isn't it the SoC manufacturers' duty to improve the graphics performance of their chipsets every new generation? You people always say that smartphones nowadays have way too much power for what everyone would need, so manufacturers are making use of that extra power to have such features to improve user experience like this higher refresh rate display, and now you're saying that the GPU of the phones today can't handle it?
Make it make sense, please.

5. 60Hz will not completely vanish in the world, but higher refresh rate displays will take over sometime in the future. It would be a very terrible idea to release a smartphone with 60Hz display in the future where everyone else has already normalized having at least 90Hz.
You can turn off the high refresh rate and switch back to 60Hz if you don't need it and save some battery life, but there's no way to have higher refresh rate when the display panel itself is limited to 60Hz on the hardware level.

yalim, 27 Sep 2021I don't like playing games in phones. I used 120Hz cou... moreThe tradeoff of 120Hz vs battery life isn't worth it, that's why you need LTPO displays, otherwise the HRR just isn't worth it whatsoever. The LTPO technology is actually genius because you rarely need the full 120Hz.

Having owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for over a year with a 120hz LPTO Variable refresh screen, everything less I try is vastly inferior to use...Once you have lived with a feature like this, you never want to go back to a 60hz screen again.
I have just bought my 12 year old Daughter a new Samsung Galaxy A52S and even this new mid range device features an Amoled, 120hz screen, which is excellent!

AnonD-1016461, 26 Sep 2021you will notice it mostly in game or using 120Hz for months... moreI don't like playing games in phones. I used 120Hz couple of weeks actually. it didn't make much of a difference to me. but, battery life made quite a difference. anyways, it is good to have it optional at least.

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Ellen Dale, 27 Sep 2021Exactly the way I think People hasn't complained a th... moreHorses were cool until cars came around...

Few things need to be mentioned:
-Its a myth that human eyes cant see more than 60fps/Hz its actually still under research and we cant put one number under question "how much fps human can see". Its because every person is different and human eye is very... adaptive, many test show that some people still can see light flicker(one of common test) at 50/60Hz but also many people can see bump if test was pushed up to 144Hz. Also gamers and people that work a lot with dynamic motions on screen are more eager to see beyond 60Hz as their sight is adapted to see such high refreshrate.

- Technically refreshrate and fps are the same but not exactly. refresh rate describe how fast your screen show images, fps show how fast graphic is rendered, you cant see more than 60fps on 60Hz screen and screen cant refresh more fps than 60, so even if eg, on your PC you get 120fps, if your screen is 60 or 90hz you will see only 60 or 90 frames as screen cant refresh more. So yes 90/120Hz is nice.

Last, in everyday usage of phone more important is quality of the screen and speed of hardware, as in 90/120Hz its more easily to see any lag when scrolling and if screen is lower quality you sometimes can see ghosting as pixels cant turn off quick enough.

But overall its nice to have 90Hz as its perfect balance between quality and power consumption, As 120Hz on a phone is tad overkiII

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I throttle 120hz down to 90hz just for the battery. It's so worth it and I dont see any difference on a 6,7" screen - at all! I will never understand the "better-specs over stamina" users.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 26 Sep 2021As you folks know by now... I am delighted red magic owner ... moreWhat redmagic do you own

Anonymous, 27 Sep 202160Hz screens haven't bothered me for the past 30 years... moreExactly the way I think
People hasn't complained a thing about 30 hz for a decade now since it's becoming a trend and everyone Experiencing it acting like they can't live without it
Smoother screen won't make your experience better if you have a buggy software
Ltpo sounds cool and is cool
But are you getting 90+fps on top games with maxed out settings?
If you're doing justice to your display, you're not doing justice to your graphics and vice versa.
So 60z is still here to stay
If not new phones, but old ones are still capable

HRR is a nice to have, but shouldn't be a dealbreaker for anyone. I think it matters more on Android because it masks the flaws of the OS.

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60Hz screens haven't bothered me for the past 30 years. They aren't about to start now.
Higher refresh rate screens are nice to have, but it's no dealbreaker for me if a phone still has the standard 60Hz.

If you really want to get nitpicky, 120Hz screens are good for a lot of videos since it's divisible by 24, 30, and 60 which are pretty common framerates for videos. No three-two pull down with that refresh rate.

Don't use "ideal" and any apple product in the same sentence. For the love of any deity, no logical person would even consider that.

Shanti Dope, 27 Sep 2021It's not a bad thing to ask for more, especially for s... moreYes, I agree. I usually just wait a year or 2 for new mobile technology that you are able to see on current flagship and just wait to show up on upper mid range phones if you want to save a lot of money.

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021After 10 years iphone become a collection item and thats ho... moreNo it doesn't. It's not a rolex or ferrari. Yes may be macintosh from earlier days have value because at that time those were innovative, unique and left a good impresson on many people. Nowadays most of the smartphones are capable of doing the same things. So it's not really worth of collection.