Weekly poll: how important is a high refresh rate screen to you?

26 September 2021
It's a feature that gets heavily advertised, but do users actually care?

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DarkTracker, 26 Sep 2021iphone is a premium product not a luxury one. You can buy a... moreAfter 10 years iphone become a collection item and thats hot topic in America where value starts to rise for them. It's like first macintosh that will be working would go over 1 million dollars now. Even tough you cant do much with it. I have never seen any IBM have this type of collection value.

I like it most on my third party apps...
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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021120hz screen is a must for people who play a lot of games l... moreThose locked at 60fps?

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Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Lifetime imprisonment for those who voted for 60Hz You should probably move to South-Korea. You probably fit in there well with this type of thinking you have.

ae86, 26 Sep 2021"I shall have more because I cannot be content" ... moreπŸ˜πŸ˜²πŸ€—πŸ€©β˜ΊοΈ

  • AnonD-1016461

PepperPot, 26 Sep 2021GSM, if you will, please do a comparison on the actual diff... moreGSM isn't doing comparison anymore
It's like more than a year that I didn't noticed controversial topics or real time comparation between flagships
It's became newsletter and reviews are peaceful

Don't worry! 60hz maximum display refresh rate will be outdated & discontinued after 10 years... All smartphones, even budget Android smartphones, will have a normal display refresh rate of 120hz or higher in the near future, plus the touch sampling rate must also be 240hz or higher. At least, no new smartphones will ever be crude & slow in gaming after 10 years, hahaha!

I have a phone with a 90 Hz screen, and in direct comparison it does feel nicer but it's not really a huge deal for me

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120hz screen is a must for people who play a lot of games like shooter or racing. Also for them higher touch refresh rate is also a must.

For average people who dont play any game on there phone 60hz is fine and good enough. This fast scrolling a web page is it lag or smooth makes no different. It's not like you can fallow everything you scroll fast trough anyways and especially with the smoothness of higher refresh rate.

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021Iphone doesn't follow market rule. It's a luxury... moreiphone is a premium product not a luxury one. You can buy an iphone today and after 10 years it will be nothing but a electronic trash just like a 20$ feature phone

GSM, if you will, please do a comparison on the actual difference between Samsung's variable refresh rate vs. Apple's. People have said they don't notice a major difference in Apple's refresh rate. This goes back to the ipad so it has nothing to do with the third party animation app issue.

One person wrote the iphone matches your scrolling speed whereas Samsung jumps to the high refresh rate upon touch/scroll. That's why the iphone has great battery life. My test on the Fold shows this may indeed be the case but you guys have the expertise and equipment to do a thorough scientific comparison.

  • AnonD-940827

Not as important as sot and battery life!

Now, that Apple was caught lying about the high refresh rate, let's see if people care!

Well wghen comes to android even 200 eur devices have a lot better screen than apple for 800+ bucks.
Which means some companies care for customers others for money.
I.E. robbery on a customer shouldnt be supported.

The important is the quality of screen first, an example, the customer what he wins 90hz on a bad dim screen like redmi 10 ?! Nope.

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120hz is OK but I prefer longer battery life. Which is why I switched to 60hz.

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I bought the Razer phone when it come out and I can tell you from the start I was never going back below 120hz.

Almost no one cared as much as the screen refresh, until it came up, 90Almost no one cared how refreshing the screen was until it started 120Almost no one cared as much as refreshing the screen, until it started, when they started h and h as much as fast charging

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A high refresh rate definitely makes a difference, but more likely on mid-range phones than on flagship phones cause they're already quite zippy in performance but it also depends on how well the animations are optimised on a device. Perhaps the reason why iPhone users hardly ask for a high refresh rate

"I shall have more because I cannot be content"

"I shall have it because it's the trend"