Weekly poll: how important is a high refresh rate screen to you?

26 September 2021
It's a feature that gets heavily advertised, but do users actually care?

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It's a nice thing to have but not a must. However, since everyone is offering it, I would not want to purchase a similarly-priced device with an interior display. The display is the one thing you will be staring at when using your device. The display quality is thus too important to fall behind competitors.

mkreku, 26 Sep 2021I bought a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and got a 120Hz screen. It lo... moreI feel 100% like you with my Mi 11 ultra now, I'm on 60hz and safe some battery instead.
Before this phone I had the S21 ultra and I did the same on this to.
I do many things to safe battery power, all kinds of animations etc I always turn on on my phones.

Not important at all

For mid to higher end, definitely it's must

definitely not a must. Sure it's nice, but not a must have.

  • Lccy

I'd rather have a 1440p screen that can refresh at a multiple of 24hz to avoid 3:2 pulldown than a 120hz 1080p screen.

To me, getting a clearer website at full view is more important than smoothness, but everyone uses their devices differently

  • Anonymous

Nowadays even mid range android phones have high refresh rate. But why not? It is 2021. So must have.

  • Anonymous

yalim, 26 Sep 2021I got a 120Hz screen however, I did not notice any differen... moreOr it's just that others can easily tell the difference. :) It always makes me wonder how people can say they didn't notice a difference, when it's a night vs. day thing to me (like 60 vs. 120). HUUUUGE difference. :) Especially after you have used a higher refresh rate display for a long time, and then get exposed to 60 Hz... That's not a good experience.

I like an adaptive 60/90 htz screen which is easy to hold 6.0 inch in size

I'm more interested in adaptive refresh rate than in having a high one.

  • AnonF-1016461

yalim, 26 Sep 2021I got a 120Hz screen however, I did not notice any differen... moreyou will notice it mostly in game or using 120Hz for months than switching back to 60Hz

  • AnonF-1016461

ThunderCrackR, 26 Sep 2021For an article dedicated to everyone, it was too much Apple... moremaybe because apple is using LTPO screen with variable refresh rate in Pro/Pro max that Samsung is gonna ignore it for S22/S22+ and will only be available in S22 ULTRA

Gonna be honest I never could tell the difference between the refresh rates. In the end I just stick to 60hz because of battery benefits.

I got a 120Hz screen however, I did not notice any difference compared to 60Hz. so,I simply switched down to 60Hz. It gave extra 1.5hr screen on time. that is a significant user experience difference. both refresh rates are butter smooth to me. I suppose people just enjoy having a new fancy tech on their possession, that's all.

  • AnonF-1016461

YUKI93, 26 Sep 2021I definitely can attest to that. At one point, using 120Hz ... morephones with locked refresh rate is nothing but scam and huge gimmick
phones MOST have adaptive refresh rate

For an article dedicated to everyone, it was too much Apple-oriented..

I can't sya it's a must. But if act people sya it's useless and bad but phones with them u can lock to 60 hz and infact 120 hz ltpo ones just activate auto mode and ur going ot get 120 hz for scrolling and whne ur not doing anything it will become 60 hz and for gaming 120 hz too and maybe 48 hz or 30 hz for video. Overall I think if it's 120 hz then ltpo is must.

  • AnonF-1016461

captain fokou, 26 Sep 2021I don't see why 90 hz is unreasonable so could you exp... more120Hz without adaptive display is nothing but scam

  • Rexatron

mkreku, 26 Sep 2021I bought a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and got a 120Hz screen. It lo... moreTtally agree with you. I just went out to look at the new iphone 13 lineup. I read a few reviews before going about how there is much difference of screen refresh rate. So, when using the phone without any comparison you don't notice anything. I used the 13 first. It felt good. Then i tried the 13 pro, it just felt snappier nothing much. I tried the s21 too same thing felt snappier. And you notice only for about a while and then forget it. I used them side by side. I felt the difference but only when comparing not too much but could notice it. When you start using your phone regularly. You barely notice this thing. And you ain't going to scroll your phone along side some else to check ever lol.

  • Anonymous

HRR screen isn't that important to me since I seldom do mobile gaming. I only do mobile gaming for like three times a week. If anything, I deeply value the still-relevant headphone jack and microSD card slot more than HRR screen. But it must be said that Samsung's LTPO 120Hz screen is a brilliant idea. For a phone like the S21 Ultra 5G to score crazy battery endurance rating despite the QHD+ resolution and a large 20:9 6.8" screen really does show how forward-thinking Samsung can be.