Xiaomi Civi to boast 32MP selfie cam with autofocus

23 September 2021
The first Xiaomi phone to use a 32MP selfie cam with Autofocus.

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Nowadays most phone have very bad beautification which cannot be turn off. All the photos were so fake and plastic. Iphone still the best camera around.

Dudenoway, 26 Sep 2021Not rlly an mi 11 lite. It is a bit different. Like 120 hz ... moreThe mi11 youth is the model sold in China where this will be sold. It also has a 5mp tele macro. This will be 166g, just a tiny bit heavier than the 159g mi11 youth but more or less the same. The civi will have a slightly better screen and better selfie cam but they are very similar apart from that. The Civi though will charge quite a lot more for the slightly better selfie cam and screen. Probably will be priced close to the k40 pro

Aierlan, 26 Sep 2021Yeah, it's probably going to be another decent phone b... moreNot rlly an mi 11 lite. It is a bit different. Like 120 hz amoled. And im pretty sure it's lighter and has better selfie cam with a tele macro cam instead of just regular 5mp macro cam

beep bop boop, 25 Sep 2021b!tch who cares about the MP number, will it be a good qual... moreHey there chillax. Which device exactly had bad selfie camera quality. And xiaomi itself had good quality camera.

When are they launching small, light ph to use as back up or home ph or kids to carry in their bag to know location, a 5.2" or 5.4" would be great!!
There are also ppl who explicitly prefer a smaller device.

Every manufacturer should have at least one mini ph: Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, Vivo,,,come on folks!! But no Micro USB on them plse, All chromebooks have USB C, Isn't it time all phs did so!!

Dudenoway, 24 Sep 2021It's not even a succor to any series. And just cause i... moreYeah, it's probably going to be another decent phone but it was being reported as a replacement for the cc series in the Chinese media so I had higher hopes because of that. Generally, for Chinese releases the companies focus on their best features in the early snippets so I think the selfie performance is likely to be the focus on this one. Basically, it just seems like it's going to be more or less another mi11 lite 5g/mi11 lite 5g NE in the body of a Vivo x series phone. It's a pity in genreal, that most manufacturers are releasing almost the same phones this year in terms of midrangers and budget flagships. So many releases from the likes of Oppo/Relame and Xiaomi/Redmi with minimal differences. Personally I find macro cameras more or less useless as I only use it to occasionally take photos of work related docs. The last two phones I've had have autofocus on the ultrawide cameras and they do plenty well enough for this purpose. Of course, I understand that different people use cameras in different ways though and maybe some people do have a use for these tele macros.

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Anonymous, 24 Sep 202132MP selfie cam with autofocusfront camera with AF isn't a USP , and it isn't new at all.
Samsung have had it on S series for a long time, Sony have done it on a mid range before, the Sony XA.
Plus a few other companies ....so not a USP

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Yup, 25 Sep 2021Xiaomi is next in a row behind Huawei. I am pretty sure tha... moreCan you be more coherent...?

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Xiaomi is next in a row behind Huawei. I am pretty sure that Lithuanian cyber security threat report regarding Xiaomi is just a first step towards this.

b!tch who cares about the MP number, will it be a good quality camera or not? i assume no considering that this is Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

The Mi Note 10 had a 32MP selfie sensor, but no AF. The Civi's other cameras are mediocre, based on reports about the CC11. Sadly, not a worthy successor to the Mi Note 10. Another parts bin reach by Xiaomi, with no particular purpose other than to keep churning a phone every few weeks or so.

I like vivo phones

Marco M, 24 Sep 2021Lightweight + thin = small battery :'(Optimization also matters.
Vivo has done some good optimization with smaller capacity batteries on Android.

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Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021What is the USP of this phone? 32MP selfie cam with autofocus

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honestly i wish there were more lightweight phones. imagine a phone as compact as an ipod touch. I have the pixel 4a now and even though it is light, i wish it was even lighter

A phone that are thin and lightweight. Even a good selfie cam. Probably targeting female user.

Umfer Batousky, 24 Sep 2021That's too many phones in 1 year. They gotta chill lol... moreFilling the gap created by Huawei-US War.

That's too many phones in 1 year. They gotta chill lol. But as long as they show this same level of commitment to their software, then I'm okay with that.

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What is the USP of this phone?

Lightweight + thin = small battery :'(