iPhone 13 Pro teardown reveals 3,095mAh battery and Qualcomm X60 5G modem

24 September 2021
Check out the innards of Apple's latest Pro iPhone.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021the modern comes from Qualcomm, the display from Samsung, b... moreIt says storage is from japanese corp.

  • Anonymous

Battery a sizeable gain??? WTF???!!! hahahaha

Ok calculator

3,095mAh -2815 Mah = 280mmah battery gain..

And this article says it's a "sizeable" gain

Lol battery life standards on iPhones are set so low

iPhone users will continue to charge their phones at lunch time.. and turn on battery saver mode on 10%

They will continue to get battery low messages when taking pictures

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021No. Think about this: you don't see a lot of 4+ yea... moreNothing to do with battery durability.

Its the OS support and high price that make ppl keep them longer.

We are talking about 2022, but apple is still on 3k batteries.

  • Mati isr

If the iPhone installed 5000 mah batteries in the max version and improved the sharpening speed in cinema mode and improved the optics to get rid of the fireflies effect on photos and video shooting, it would be the best smartphone in history and this is always the case and it will always be unsatisfied. It is not just a lack of imagination and ideas on the side of apple refreshed model 12 max, changing to number 13.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021the modern comes from Qualcomm, the display from Samsung, b... moremodem*

  • Anonymous

the modern comes from Qualcomm, the display from Samsung, batteries from Sunwod, chip made by TSMC, storage and RAM from Samsung, glass from Corning, camera sensors from Sony etc etc. Imagine if all these companies stopped supplying them with these parts

nanagdad, 24 Sep 2021💇 so that it's lifespan is short in readiness to buy i... moreIPhone will charge three times more since third party repairs aren't encouraged in that ecosystem.
After the replacement, you are still stuck with a small capacity battery that employs ancient fast charging technology.

💇 so that it's lifespan is short in readiness to buy iphone 14 😀 . Fanboys will be like hey you can replace the battery, how many normies can change their own battery? 💇💇😀😀

[deleted post]This is why they are known as paper champ as that performance in numbers on GeekBench doesn't translate in the real world.
In the real world, iPhone is a thermal-throttling-nightmare 🔥

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021Is it true that iPhone batteries are designed to wear off q... moreNo.

Think about this: you don't see a lot of 4+ year old androids still in use. You do see that with iPhones. If iPhones batteries were wearing out faster you'd likely see the opposite trend.

  • Anonymous

Techfun, 24 Sep 2021Watched mrwhosetheboss battery tests, really impressive ,e... moreHis iphone 12 after 1 year has some degradation.
Not the near 2900 when it was brand new

  • Anonymous

sumdumguy, 24 Sep 2021Pro has a smaller battery than non-pro... lol apple logicSame size.
Pro has 3rd cam + tof
Less space in there.

  • Rush

Watched a video today where they tested the battery of the iphone 13 pro and it nearly did 10hrs screen on time. Surpassed all my expectations by a huge margin. Hoping the pixel 6 xl comes through because that's the phone I want to get.

Trooper, 24 Sep 2021Yay!, Finally Apple's edging ever closer to 4000 mah b... more13 pro max has 4300+ battery but keep the hate train going if it makes you happy lol

Watched mrwhosetheboss battery tests, really impressive ,even 13 mini got better battery than last year iphone 12

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I bet you spent your entire day just geek-benching, at anyways gb isn't too reliable esp. for nT

  • Anonymous

nvm the battery capacity, LR & iFixit are looking into them probably mating/locking (I dont remember the right word for it) the mobo with the battery!!
I mean it isn't surprising given their previous anti-consumer (& environment) behaviour but news nonetheless

  • Guru

I had a battery that was made by Sunwoda.. They seem to manufacture counterfeit batteries so I wouldn't trust the iPhone 13..