Xiaomi hires a third-party firm to rule on Lithuania's censorship allegations

27 September 2021
The investigation firm isn't named but it's based in Europe.

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  • Gicu

I'm in Algeria and all those terms are not censored here. So ...
yeah, chinese are bad and everyone else is good ... Like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok ...

  • Anonymous

Lithuania is in a bit of a fight with China at the moment that's why this surfaced, in my opinion.
I never thought I'd see the day where everyone will act surprised that someone collects your data or censors something, it has been common sense for a very long time now, or that's what I thought.
What I'd like to see is that someone would blame google or facebook for the same thing, but apparently it's okay for them to do such acts, because they're our "friends", for China this is unacceptable because they're the "enemy". Be it ally or foe, these actions are not good, yet globally accepted as the norm and no one will do anything about it unless everyone does something about it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021This is an excerpt from the XDA article: "Per the N... moreSo I'm not sure what you're going on about.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021The Lithuanian government has said the censorship is not en... moreThis is an excerpt from the XDA article:

"Per the NCSC‘s report, it’s alleged that Xiaomi smartphones download a file called “MiAdBlacklistConfig”, which contains a number of “titles, names, and other information of various religious and political groups and social movements”. It says that there are 449 records in the MiAdBlacklistConfig file. Furthermore, the report says that “when it is determined that such content contains keywords from the list, the device blocks this content. It is thought that this functionality can pose potential threats to the free availability of information.” The NCSC says that the file was found on a Xiaomi Mi 10T running MIUI Global 12.0.10."

The Lithuanian NCSC is claiming censorship is occurring on global rom not the China rom phones. Also:

"I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra running on the latest Xiaomi.eu ROM. While Xiaomi.eu is a debloated version of MIUI, it’s still based on the Chinese version of MIUI, which I thought would be a prime candidate to detect whether the MiAdBlacklistConfig file exists on my smartphone. On investigation, I found it in the Mi Video application (though not the Mi Browser) and retrieved the file via root access. The file does contain the names of religious and political groups; however, it also contains a lot more than that. The report also notes that there are 449 records identified in the MiAdBlacklistConfig file — in my file, there are 2210 records, most of which are not related to any kind of political or religious groups.

Given that I found the MiAdBlacklistConfig file in the Mi Video app, I extracted the APK from my device and disassembled it myself. I discovered that the researchers had possibly made a pretty big error; the code above filters an object called “INativeAd”. On disassembly of the Mi Video application, I found that INativeAd is a method in the Xiaomi Global Ad Software Development Kit (SDK). While I could not find the method itself, I found numerous references to it and the functionalities that it can perform."

XDA used a phone with Xiaomi.eu rom which is based on the China rom and they couldn't find any censorship. The blacklist file blacklists ads and not internet content.

So I'm sure what you're going on about. All I know is that there doesn't seem to be any censorship even on the China rom.

  • Meme

I Just ordered an Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, very happy with the purchase

Now you know why you don't need a xiaomi phone!

  • Anonymous

So, "Free Tibet" and "Long live Independent Taiwan" are considered pornography and offensive by China? Interesting spin and defense.

Lithuania has a good point, if true.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021It's just politics game.. But your'e right.Yup he is right

  • Anonymous

procc, 27 Sep 2021In Lithuania more or less no cares about this Tibet. And mo... moreIt's just politics game..
But your'e right.

  • Anonymous

The Western companies also censor people, so I don't care. I need to become free from google and western government censorship first, I don't care about Tibet and Taiwan at this point.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021I searched for the terms "free tibet", "tian... moreThe Lithuanian government has said the censorship is not enabled on the EU models. it is only enabled on Chinese ROMS. I did the same as you on a Chinese Xiaomi model using the Xiaomi browser and the results were definitely censored. Very few results and only positive stories appear. However, as mentioned in the report this censorship is not enabled on EU roms. They are just agruing that the feature is built in and can be remotely very easily. Personally, don't really think this is that big of an issue

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021I searched for the terms "free tibet", "tian... moreohk you might feel the problem could be from reddit's side but when opening r/technology with article talking about this same report itself(the earlier one when it was first reported) I was not able to comment it that but was easily able to comment in post above which is reddit mistake again because the search terms banned were actually in Chinese language although that reddit thing spooked me out

  • Santa

Meh, you're naïve if you don't think the other makers from other countries don't have the same abilities....

If you want to be secure then you'll have to go with a minor maker like Fairphone and run Sailfish, as an example.

  • Anonymous

alcalde, 27 Sep 2021Every free country should be banning Chinese tech and prohi... moreThere is no free country in the world
My freedom is someone else's opposite!

  • Anonymous

"The minister urged to "throw away" all Chinese phones as soon as possible. "

Doing just that.

It's always been a part of the grand Belt and Road scheme to first offer a gift to the host, then rob everything from them before moving on.

All, for those who still don't know, ALL companies in China answer to CCP. Want to work in China? You need to answer to CCP or get the hammer. Alibaba was not big enough to stay out of the CCP's vindictive cross-hairs, what's a rinky dink org like Xiaomi gonna do?

In fact, typing in "CCP" too many times flags your posts automatically on GSMAreana, it'll be a big surprise if this post event goes live. So go figure.

  • anonymous

Xiaomi should release its mobile with stock android in Europe to allay the fears of censorship or security, but there is another thing is why is Lithuania so interested in Tibet, Hong Kong & Taiwan when they are not even part of Europe or not linked to its culture or border.

  • Anonymous

SigmaR, 28 Sep 2021Last time I talked about spyware on Chinese hardware, I got... moreAnd forget to watch Snowden's movie or read Wikileaks. Strange.

  • Anonymous

ericwang, 28 Sep 2021Lithuania have a very bad relationship with Mainland China ... moreLike China is giving 2 cents! Lithuania is a village compared to China on any scale. But the big guys, US, are pushing the buttons with the help of these vassals.

  • Anonymous

alcalde, 27 Sep 2021Every free country should be banning Chinese tech and prohi... moreMan, you are so brainwashed that is hard to comprehend some little things. I wonder if you have the same attitude against Google, Facebook, Twitter, apple for spying us, for censorship about anything that goes against government narrative etc.

XDA is telling you exactly how things are:


  • Anonymous

I searched for the terms "free tibet", "tiananmen square" and "Taiwan independence" in the mi browser right after the report was released and had no problems getting a result. I'm not sure what the issue with Lithuania is or whether the report is legit. There seems to be no corroboration from anyone else at the moment.

According to XDA, there is a list of terms that are blocked but they're only in relation to ads that are displayed in some of Xiaomi's apps if not disabled. Their conclusion is that the report is a flawed study.