Xiaomi hires a third-party firm to rule on Lithuania's censorship allegations

27 September 2021
The investigation firm isn't named but it's based in Europe.

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probably the filter isn't on the phone but on the ISP server level and applications server,,

China have theirown Internet server and theirown application ecosystem, so that's where they censor things

cuz Censorship on phone that sell worldwide is dangerous for China business as whole

ericwang, 28 Sep 2021Lithuania have a very bad relationship with Mainland China ... moreLithuania has a pretty bitter relationship with Russia as well, so it's quite natural that they try to target China, a country that is relatively close to Russia, through (one-sided) censorship/spying accusations like this.

Everything is just politics nowadays..

  • LoL

Carol, 27 Sep 2021If you do not advocate for human rights, then go elsewhere,... moreSure, sure Carol. We all know only Nokia is the best for you, because you been acting literally like a Nokia employee in Nokia comment section...No amount of arguments would convince you otherwise.

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as much as i hate china...i think that this is just an EU propaganda. Also, u want people to throw away their phone just for some random searches that no one cares? Get outta here.

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So in a way they are supporting/helping the Chinese government.

  • Orwell 1984

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53329005BBC is a pure government propaganda site, ask Indians how BBC reported anti indian coverage of farmers protest or censorship of migrant crisis or biased coverage of American elections and complete coverup of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

BBC is scum and lowlife.

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Lithuania have a very bad relationship with Mainland China due to Taiwan issue
Both countries recall the ambassor in the past few months

Can we say they are trying to censure those accusing them of doing censorship? 🤣

Last time I talked about spyware on Chinese hardware, I got accused of watching too many 007 movies. I guess the Lithuanian Deputy defence minister watched them too

kek, 27 Sep 2021Surprised? Not at all. Xiaomi is another company part of th... moreThe average person is self-centered, single-minded, and bereft of long-term thinking capabilities.

Should North Korea make cheaper phones, they'll enthusiastically give up cheap Chinese trinkets for those in a New York minute. Then superficially bemoan the trashy living conditions of the Koreans, frighteningly unable to make the limpid connection between their economic support for the regime and the oppression meted out.

You see it time and again in every facet of modern life. Most folks simply do not care until it physically hurts them, at which time they hunt for scapegoats who apparently should have forced them to pay attention. Or, amusingly, they may ignore the hurt and cope instead.

Humans are fascinating creatures.

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TheLastOracle, 28 Sep 2021"Xiaomi said that these filters are turned off for the... moreNah Xiaomi gets away this time and next time they will be more careful
And BTW I think Europe is in the weakest state ever, they don't want to fight against China, even our old allies are turning against us

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Carol, 27 Sep 2021There are actually a lot of companies that d not sell your ... moreSo how they make money?

"Xiaomi said that these filters are turned off for the European Union region.

Then again, the Lithuania government claims the censorship filter could be re-enabled remotely at any time. The Chinese firm argues that these filters are an industry standard and are usually used to protect users from pornographic content and content that is found offensive to local users."

Xiaomi incriminated itself. No further evidence required.
There should a complete ban on Xiaomi in the EU.

  • kek

Surprised? Not at all. Xiaomi is another company part of the CCP economics branch.

I never understood why cost saving people (yes, I'm talking about you, Xiaomi/BBK fans) are sometimes so blind to see deceive in these companies. It's as if they will ignore anything bad as long as they can get hardware for cheap, which mind you, is the same reason why a lot of companies are using cheap labor off from China.

It's not bad to buy Xiaomi per se, but dont be dumb and ignore that behind the hoods, they do stuff like this.

And before someone comes mentioning politics: neither HTC, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola (funny, because it's practically Lenovo) have been found doing shady stuff in the background like this. I dont know about BBK, but I wouldnt put it past them to do the same, seeing how OnePlus has been caught red handed several times in suspicious behavior.
So, this has nothing to do with the USA coming up with something or not.

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Never bought a Chinese branded phone, never will

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Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021None of these things exist in xiaomi.eu ROMsSame source it's only disabled in Xiaomi EU ROMs or EU MIUI

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NicoLPFR, 27 Sep 2021These keywords have nothing to do with censorship, they... moreYep Xiaomi had a problem with unrelated ads like porn or similar things so they made an ad config Host for it
But why keywords about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Uyghurs are banned?

  • Carol

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2021So? If it's turned off it's like they don't ... moreIf you do not advocate for human rights, then go elsewhere, people have the right to opose such behaviours. If you like to be a marionette, it does not mean everybody shold be like you and like it too.