Xiaomi hires a third-party firm to rule on Lithuania's censorship allegations

27 September 2021
The investigation firm isn't named but it's based in Europe.

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[deleted post].... talking about stupid (and inapplicable!) arguments.

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Such hidden settings should not exist in any phone, as it restricts functionality. Even if it is disabled it doesn't matter, it shouldn't exist at all

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hmm, 27 Sep 2021Xiaomi said that these filters are turned off for the Europ... moreSo? If it's turned off it's like they don't exist. And If you still don't like what's in it even if it's off then don't buy it PERIOD. If xiaomi want your money they will do something otherwise they won't give a s***

  • hmm

Xiaomi said that these filters are turned off for the European Union region.

Who cares that they are turned off. The point is that they are in these devices and they can be turned on cause they exist in them. There is nothing for Xiaomi to do in this matter and just say they made the flaw even adding these restrictions in the devices that are turned on in China market. While they have European market different name devices and are released later to the market then in China then why are these things even in there devices for European market ? And you can data mine these things out from these devices

I think what is happening here... Is that there are filters. As actually most countries request such filtration. And of course China is also allowed to filter too.

Consider gople for example. Every day Google is sent thousands of censorship requests from every country around the world. To filter and censor content and even remove content from the most democratic countries in the world.

Just as countries impose censorship. It's obviously not Okey for China to censor or filter results... But it's obviously okay for the west. Because the west says so... Okay... Whatever...