TikTok reaches 1 billion monthly users worldwide

28 September 2021
The milestone was announced on TikTok's official TikTok handle.

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So, one billion underage, half naked girls dancing for their "account run by mom & dad" in Russia?

  • Anonymous

This app another pandemic in itself

  • Deet

1 billion have no work to do than making a stupid videos and call them influencers. Why it's not banned is Europe and US since its Chinese. What a hipocracy. Better do a quality work than making stupid videos.

The humanity...

  • AlienKiss

Tip: In the PlayStore you can tap on developer contact of every app and it will show you where's that company based. If it's chinese or russian, I highly recommend deleting that app!
You can also report the apps. Muhahaha! 😈😈😈

The most crappiest app ever built. Nonsensical videos are uploaded. No content no head or tails for those vids

  • Anonymous

forhad-61, 28 Sep 2021Now imagine how many idiots are there in this world, accord... moreYep, that terrifying number

joshheinink, 28 Sep 2021Full of idiots Now imagine how many idiots are there in this world, according to their monthly user calculation 🙆‍♂️😆😆

  • TrickyTrucky

Well, thats 1 Billiton idiotic and pathetic people still around...Thats what it is.

Never see an app so useless and time wasting as tiktok, never used it but as i see YouTube are contamined with videos from there too.

Waiting for that 1 billion to get a job...or at least a brain.

YUKI93, 28 Sep 2021...and I'm still not going to use it anyway despite it... moreAgree, I never downloaded and nver will. Chinese items are always under illegal practice. I never used that. I drop the idea of Nothing inearphones once i learnt it was OnePlus. Just stay away from that country for every reason.

Full of idiots

  • AM Bunny

I find books more... entertaining

  • Anonymous

It is a fun app. But for me Instagram is better.

What happened to the United State ban?... It failed?.. I thought the west wanted to shut it down for being sooo good at what it does.. well done tiktok

apocalypse now

  • lolxtiktok

rizki1, 28 Sep 2021never using this in my life NEVER.Same, it's all plain stupid content which is wasting our times. Never download, and never watch.

...and I'm still not going to use it anyway despite its popularity.

  • Anonymous

So many cringe content there, but its human nature to watch cringe

  • sayabosanhidup

&many of my friends r using this but not me
but i really feel happy for this app s success


Never used TikTok for a single second. Never downloaded it or even thought about downloading it. Never used Snapchat either. But congratulations to the Chinese spyware for getting a billion suckers.