Samsung Galaxy M52 5G launched in India

28 September 2021
It comes with the Snapdragon 778G chip, 120Hz AMOLED screen, and 5,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

This phone makes A52s 5g look soo much better option.

  • Sablenk87

I was considering this above A52s, seeing M52 is cheaper and I need more battery capacity, and I don't really care with ois and ip67, but the eMMC is a deal breaker for me. It's a shame the good chipset have to pair with it. Guess I'll pick a52s.

  • Essen

Samsung is outdoing self. After introducing the F42, a 23k phone with a TFT screen, Samsung introduces the M52, a 30k phone with eMMC storage. What next? A 40k phone with Micro USB?

samsung4fan, 28 Sep 20213.5mm audio jack is there. However, big sign of worry is eM... moreOn Samsung's website it says no headphone jack. Emmc, no 3.5mm jack, no IP67, no OIS and no stereo speakers. This phone is DOA as long as A52s 5G exists.

  • Anonymous

An eMMC storage in 2021 on a Samsung $350 phone. Unacceptable. Moto Edge 20 is far far better than this

3.5mm audio jack is there. However, big sign of worry is eMMC storage. Otherwise its a killer in less than 25k.

A 5000Mah battery is capable for a smart phone in 2021 and overall a good mid range.but the price is too hard.

Ahh with emmc 5.1 for $400

  • VickyBete

eewwwMMC storage is a big dampener. This phone sucks.

I hope they launch something like M52s , with Android 12 and 7000mah batteries.

  • Anonymous

RIP 7000 mAh battery

Why Samsung

  • Anonymous

JV, 28 Sep 2021Battery downgrade and no 3.5 mm JackI think it has headphone jack

now this is how every company should advertise

  • JV

Battery downgrade and no 3.5 mm Jack