Nokia Purebook S14 with 11th gen i5, Windows 11 is coming to India

28 September 2021
The Purebook S14 will be more powerful, though also heavier than the X14 that launched last year. The TVs will run Android 11.

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Do not buy it when you have a Brother printer. Windows 11 does not allow a lot of brother printers to work well or work at all. Warned ya. No solution yet.

I would love to see a Foxconn logo there. They are the big thing running in the backdrop.

  • Rysenchi

Red, 29 Sep 2021I have noticed that India is a huge technology consumer. th... moreAs an Indian there are many many tech products that are available in the US and not available in India. Same with products available in China and Japan.

  • Red

I have noticed that India is a huge technology consumer. that explain why every giant techs all around the world try to concentrate their goods toward this particular market. So goods are designed exclusively for Indian consumers. For example xiaomi, oppo and recently nokia. Nice privilege.

  • Mauw

Hemedans, 28 Sep 2021Nokia neither make phones nor laptop or TV. They just licen... moreThey don't just licensed their brand. They allowed hmd to used their rich intelectual properties in mobile phone
. Stop spreading Lies please


is this real nokia or hmd global or flipkard ? gsmarena should tell should fully story .

silversurfhur, 29 Sep 2021I dont think its weird that smartphone makers are making TV... moreLG and Samsung also make TVs and laptops. It's all about the brand ecosystem.

  • He-Man

Welcome, Nokia, old friend! We hope with all our hearts that you give the heart, strength and courage that you once instilled into 3310 that made it completely indestructible.

I dont think its weird that smartphone makers are making TVs. You can instead call them smartdevices makers. The TVs are basically some tablet with big display. They already are into display technologies for their mobiles so...nothing weird there

  • Anonymous

Nokia is a trusted brand and it never compromise with quality. So welcome once again. We are looking forward for the laptops and Tv of Nokia.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 28 Sep 2021they want to survive because they probably already know the... moreI dont think the TV are made by HMD. Nokia on the other hand have done TV a very long time. So thats nothing new. But then again it's weird that a lot of the phones brands make TV's now like Xiaomi and Realme and even Motorola

  • Adolf Dekowski

I will surely buy one soon.

Laptop looks good actually

  • Anonymous

Should be below 600€

  • kmb877

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021They died a long time ago sadly.Not really...
True, they are not producing any electronics for end users. Nokia mother is called Nokia Technologies and they are making excellent cellphone "towers", including 5G.

I hope I'll see those 4K Android TVs in Malaysia.

Not gonna hold my breath however since the chances of that happening is are pretty slim due to competition from existing established brands.

  • Rk

A god, 28 Sep 2021They are deadThey are alive

rizki1, 28 Sep 2021thanks for your info, so there is no true nokia anymore?True Nokia is producing network Infrastructure together with Ericson and Huawei they lead 5G revolution.

  • daredevil1

what a joke

SpiritWolf, 28 Sep 2021Nokia is alive and well. They just don't produce consu... moreThey are dead