Rumor: Pixel 6 to start at €650, the Pixel 6 Pro will be decidedly pricier at €900

28 September 2021
Of course, each phone will have several storage options, which will cost extra.

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JayrBars, 29 Sep 2021Why people are fighting over looks?No reason to fight. You like the phone, buy it. Don't like the phone, dont buy it and don't post here. Simple. But some people don't understand this logic. You shouldn't write on forums of every phone you DON'T like. You should post in the pages of phones you LIKE

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 29 Sep 2021how is the 2100 better than tensor? And how is the 865 b... moreYou're referring whotheboss? The biggest noob about tech along with mkbdh

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Nobody wants to live in an ugly home. Nobody wants to dri... moreYou are welcomw to not buy this phone. You are allowed to post on other forums now. Sorry to see you go. Bye🤩

Hanif Fikri, 29 Sep 2021This is considered cheap if they only target wealthy countr... moreThis is definitely not advertised as cheap. Instead, cheap is Google 4a and 5a. No chinese bullsplit, no trojan, REAL update schedule (not as J series of samsung devices that get 0 android updates) and pixel experience with one of the best cameras.

This is a flagship device. And costs flagship prices. You should compare apples with apples. Not apples with oranges 😉

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"Expect there to be a €100 step between each storage option."

That is why they removed SD card from the phones.

The Android Freak, 29 Sep 2021That's not flagship chipset. Right now flagship chipse... moreDo you really care about numbers rather than experience? Then you can ony use gaming phones. Because only with correct cooling you can get 888+ work with no loss to heating of chip

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021If they expand more region/countries other than 8 selected ... moreTotally agree. Some phones are even being cancelled just because there is cip shortage (i.e. samsung s21 fe)

r33fd, 29 Sep 2021If the price is accurate the 6 will be my next phone. No. The actual rumor was pixel 6: 650, 6 pro: 900. I dont know why GSMArena did such wrong news

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Just cos India doesn't have 5G network this company isn't launching it's devices in India as per Google which is shame. Nd it's huge loss entirely Google. Nonsense.
Even if only 1% Indians buy your new phones you'll sale ton of phones nd many more units compare to other countries.

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imo... pricing is good for pixel 6, not that much for pixel 6 pro...
but not considering yet... xperia 1ii, lg wing among others get me busy for now... 😂

If the price is accurate the 6 will be my next phone.

AhmedSLL, 29 Sep 2021Almost 400$ ?? That is too much of a difference for telepho... moreSo don't buy it. Simple. Right? Sorry to see you go. Bye🤩

I dont know who wrote this news to GSMArena, but if you read the values correctly from the image, you will see that they are in an angle. So, actual corresponding values are 650€ for two pixel 6 variants with different colors, and 900€ for pixel 6 pro.

I hope editor will fix this typo in text because otherwise this is not rumor, but blindly misrepresentation. 450 for 5a, 650 for 6 and 900 for 6 pro.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021If 2100 > tensor. And 865 > 2100. Then 865 > t... moreLol Hahahaha
Tensor is BETWEEN 2100 and 2200. Not BELOW 2100, but ABOVE

yeah I love pixel price is accurate great specs id love to have one these can take true pixel shots i love this flagship maybe the Iphone is better but its not Android i like the way it looks.

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YUKI93, 29 Sep 2021€900 base price for Pixel 6 Pro 12GB/128GB. That's $1,... moreThat is going to an interesting four-way battle. The Pixel always have the edge for photography, but the Galaxy have the ability to be a pocket PC because of DeX while the Xperia is the most complete flagship smartphone you can have (barring the front ultrawide camera and offline FM Radio support) and the iPhone always excels in videography.

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AhmedSLL, 29 Sep 2021Almost 400$ ?? That is too much of a difference for telepho... more33W is still plenty fast for me, so I'm still okay with that.

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[deleted post]That's because a 10 year old $50 pocket camera will beat the s**t Outta latest and greatest smartphone cameras

SA007, 29 Sep 2021Haters gonna hate! And as I see, there are still quite a bi... moreAlso, I don't understand why Google cut out India from their launch list. Considering it might be similar to iPhone pricing here (a €350/$350 Pixel 4a costs approx. €380/$431 here outside of discounts), it's not a huge difference relatively. Might end up costing INR 65k at max. for the 6, but the 6 Pro might creep up to S21 Ultra. At those prices, with proper marketing where the advantages of having Pixels over anything else are clearly shown, this will sell. But sadly, there haven't been any Pixel launches here after the 4a.

Haters gonna hate! And as I see, there are still quite a bit of those. Face it: If it's really at €550, this'll be better than anything else.