Rumor: Pixel 6 to start at €650, the Pixel 6 Pro will be decidedly pricier at €900

28 September 2021
Of course, each phone will have several storage options, which will cost extra.

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This is considered cheap if they only target wealthy countries...Good thing Xiaomi save the day.

Almost 400$ ?? That is too much of a difference for telephoto and a higher resolution display ( mentioning 33w charging as an advantage would be ridiculous in 2021, especially if it doesn't come in the box).

€900 base price for Pixel 6 Pro 12GB/128GB. That's $1,051 according to the currency conversion of today (Sept/29/2021). That's more expensive than the Galaxy S21+, Xperia 5 Mk3, and iPhone 13 Pro with the same 128GB internal storage. If the €100 step between each storage option is bound to true, then the top 12GB/512GB variant will cost $1,285. It seems like my hunch about the Pixel 6 Pro costing the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Xperia 1 Mk3, and iPhone 13 Pro Max is true after all.

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If they expand more region/countries other than 8 selected one, my expectation is that it might delay until either year end or early 2022 of the release date for pixel 6 series.

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Please expand more countries/ region as well like Singapore where my home country is so that more people will like to buy this pixel 6 series. If not it will lead to poor sales.

Not awful actually.
Shame that the base storage is 128gb though, my only complaint really because that's not enough on a non-expandable, supposed to last 5 years, flagship.

jamalu96, 28 Sep 2021Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 888/888+ have arm cortex A78 cor... moreI agree.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 28 Sep 2021wow. The pixel 6 is very, very competitive at that price, e... moreThat's not flagship chipset. Right now flagship chipset is 888+. It will have benchmark scores below this.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Nobody wants to live in an ugly home. Nobody wants to dri... moreI'd take a symmetrical design like this one over the stove anyway.
I find it much better looking, what makes it weird is the two-tones body color + hump color mix.

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P, 29 Sep 2021Camera probably will be nice but nothing else. Prices are g... moreYes, and accessibility (the lack of it) is an issue too. The Pixel flagships are non existent as far as our region goes, so that's one big minus for Pixel. To put things in perspective, both the Samsung foldables and Apple 13 series have been available for order since the opened up elsewhere.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021Nobody wants to live in an ugly home. Nobody wants to dri... moreeh it's a personal choice, it could look bold or it could look dumb in real life, but mobile phones are not a choice you have to deal with for a minimum of 8-9 years like a car or maybe even more if you are gonna buy a house , it's an accessory for our convenience, I honestly think it will look edgy and good with a good leather case

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Wow like iPhone price now.

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JayrBars, 29 Sep 2021Why people are fighting over looks?Nobody wants to live in an ugly home.
Nobody wants to drive an ungly car (unless your favorite is from french brand).
Why using ugly phone?

Even iphone thinks pixel 6 is ugly. It is so easy to make better looking phone.
Combine the front of pixel 4 with rear of Find X2 Pro/Note 10/1ii.
Or front of 1iii/Rog 5 for dual speaker.

Imagine how thick the case is to cover this cam bump.

Why people are fighting over looks?

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 29 Sep 2021how is the 2100 better than tensor? And how is the 865 b... moreDoes he have it already?

He should wait until event to talk about it and pretend the phone is good and free of issues, like youtubers pretend pixel is perfect every year.

captain fokou, 28 Sep 2021Iphone 13 killer Always with the killer tagline yet iphone still lives. Are iphones jesus? XD

Pixel (non-a)

6 will rank 1st but I don't like the size for either model. The only Pixels I'd want to own other than my 3 are panda 2 XL, 5, or 4a.

I owned the first gen but SD821 can't handle Dreamcast ROMs. The minimum should be SD835. The 2 is too similar to my 3. But the panda 2 XL has the nicest Pixel design but too large.

The 5 would be my 1st choice and a better version of the 4a. But the SoC, display, and speaker is either a side grade or downgrade.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2021If 2100 > tensor. And 865 > 2100. Then 865 > t... morehow is the 2100 better than tensor?

And how is the 865 better than the exynos 2100?

According to mrwhosetheboss, performance is about 6% lower on exynos 2100 compared to 888. In other words, the 865 certainly is not better than the 2100.

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Gandalf, 28 Sep 2021The Tensor chip has two underclocked X1 cores, the design o... moreYes even Snapdragon 780 is a great chipset but why charging Snapdragon 888 level price for Tensor?

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Camera probably will be nice but nothing else. Prices are getting higher and higher, so it's better to choose Samsung or iPhone.
Besides, the availability is very poor outside a few countries, so rather for fanboys.