Samsung Galaxy S21 October update brings digital car key support in Korea

28 September 2021
The feature is currently limited to the company's home market.

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  • R.j.patel

I want samsung 5g. 52....22s to go on

  • Rascal

Here in PH, mybOctober 2021 build number update is the same as above for my 21 Ultra. Does this mean mine supports digital car key function?

This feature already exists.
I live in Romania, have S21 Ultra and a VW Passat since August. VW has a software named WeConnect which can generate digital keys if your car support it.

  • AnonD-1016461

forhad-61, 29 Sep 2021Nah. Innovation is the second name of Apple 🍌😂Samsung World's most innovative company

Bigmeme, 29 Sep 2021Which phone is that in the photo with thin chin?Right one is S21 Ultra. And I guess the left one is S21+

AnonD-1016461, 29 Sep 2021World's most innovative companyNah. Innovation is the second name of Apple 🍌😂

  • AnonD-1016461

World's most innovative company

Which phone is that in the photo with thin chin?

Its not enough I think if they customize others futures to mobile via applications to support all the wireless options to any machine if its a bike vehicle and stop like that.

  • gYnce

WOW amazing, and when they will manage to give x3 and x10 lenses to pro mode? pathetic.