OnePlus 6, 6T get OxygenOS with September 2021 security patch and power consumption optimization

29 September 2021
The new firmware also optimizes the network connection stability.

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  • fm%
  • 07 Dec 2021

after update of my cell 6T PLUS, if has become very slow

assist please

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    • Deadred
    • mEk
    • 11 Nov 2021

    New update on my OnePlus 6.
    Phone is dead a d it won't downgrade to the old version anymore. Basically OnePlus bricked my phone.

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      • lepi123
      • nxF
      • 03 Nov 2021

      after updating one plus 6t from 10 to android 11 mms parameters for telemach operator in slovenia not working

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        • KR
        • U@F
        • 25 Oct 2021

        Shadocx, 29 Sep 2021You do realize the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 series didn't ... moreSamsung seemingly have a internal software engineers to check and pack software for their respective phone models. Oneplus does the same at the cost of its users, they will install it on your phone, do r&d get auto feed from your phone and user feeds, then solve it.

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          • Danish
          • Kxb
          • 24 Oct 2021

          Latest Oneplus OS update has caused below issues :=
          1) Poor phone performance.
          2) Too slow.
          3) Multitasking not possible now.
          4) Applicatoin/ Launcher hangs a lot.

          Thumbs down to oneplus team on this. Surely the last oneplus phone for me.

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            • rz
            • v$B
            • 21 Oct 2021

            very poor in perfomance in all section like touch,app perfomance,

            camera not working properly,

            sensor not work,
            speed slow,screen cut in some app

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              • C
              • LaJ
              • 15 Oct 2021

              This update was a totally downgrade in fact. It's blocking the phone, uglier look, phone seems like is working slower. I do not recommend this upgrade!

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                • Yeah
                • 0U2
                • 13 Oct 2021

                AnonD-836132, 29 Sep 2021This could pretty much be the last ever update for my belov... moreIt sure is the last update. And also it is sure the last OnePlus for me.

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                  • Nikhil
                  • 7t}
                  • 12 Oct 2021

                  This is normal for onplus now

                  1st create problems with update and no solution for years for example still the l1 to l3 issue is going from 2 years in which the mobile can't even play a 720p video online

                  Keep a stable update as if the update causes any issue OnePlus doesn't take responsibility

                    • z
                    • zahard
                    • N1T
                    • 12 Oct 2021

                    with this update went from fast to slow as a rock now i cant multitask anymore and some games that were running smoothly now lagging as hell pls fix this

                      • 6
                      • 6T user
                      • X{i
                      • 10 Oct 2021

                      Pleas solut this problem soon we facing lot of issues on this update

                        • Y
                        • Ydad
                        • nja
                        • 09 Oct 2021

                        Since the upgrade Deezer is useless and Strava keeps on showing a network error message

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                          • Singh
                          • YMm
                          • 09 Oct 2021

                          I have upgraded the software thinking the network call drops will boost but now I am unable to use it still I tried factory reset, same call drops. just for temporary switch off and on it works for some time. becoming worst for the network call drops. Internet looks normal. Whatsapp calling is far better than phone calling now in this device. Please try to solve the issue at the earliest. now unable to use for phone call, only using internet.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nXm
                            • 03 Oct 2021

                            dont update yet, a lot of people, including me, cant unlock their phone anymore. a factory reset is needed to get back into your phone, which is nonsense...

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                              • myuna
                              • gIC
                              • 30 Sep 2021

                              Gui, 29 Sep 2021this is a very stupid versioning system they use I cannot agree more

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                                • marek
                                • JE{
                                • 30 Sep 2021

                                pangolinpanda, 29 Sep 2021It should have pretty good LineageOS support so if you'... moredoes LineageOP support google payment via NFC out of the box or some more hacking is needed?

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XNt
                                  • 30 Sep 2021

                                  Literal translation: They are going to degrade phones performance to make you buy new phone :)

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                                    • Gui
                                    • pIW
                                    • 29 Sep 2021

                                    this is a very stupid versioning system they use

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • nw}
                                      • 29 Sep 2021

                                      PorkyCat, 29 Sep 2021Interesting. I ask my 6T if there's an update and it s... moreuse oxygen updater app from play store

                                        AnonD-836132, 29 Sep 2021This could pretty much be the last ever update for my belov... moreIt should have pretty good LineageOS support so if you're feeling like getting newer Android versions past that, LineageOS should have you covered, it's relatively simple to install if you follow the official guide.