Samsung Galaxy F42 5G debuts with a 64MP main camera

29 September 2021
The phone is identical to the Galaxy Wide5 that launched in South Korea recently.

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Anonymous, 30 Sep 2021LCD panel @21 K - a huge disappointment Did you use it? Though LCD, it may defeat Super Amoled by large margin due to its vibrancy & colour input.. I can compare it well, since I used m31s with sAmoled & F42 5g with TFT display.. Check for yourself & you may understand the credibility of Samsung in this field.. Samsung is Samsung & Apple is Apple..Other brands are nowhere nearby to these two brands..

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LCD panel @21 K - a huge disappointment

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Might have j

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Oh still that drop down notch

  • AnonD-1016461

Samsung killed the J series to replace it with F
Press F to pay respect for Smartsung