Tecno Camon 18 will offer triple camera and 5x optical zoom

02 October 2021
The successor of the Camon 17 comes with a flat edge design.

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dankwoska, 17 Oct 2021You can check it out now... TECNO mobile has upgraded for r... moreCoool!

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    • 03 Nov 2021

    Hello, please does Camon 18 also possess the Gimbal Camera feature?

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      • dankwoska
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      • 17 Oct 2021

      You can check it out now... TECNO mobile has upgraded for real ooo

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        • 11 Oct 2021

        That means you still get clear and sharp pictures even when you zoom in. That's so unrivalled.

          The selfie camera is not pop-up style. There is a punch hole in the top-middle of the screen with a small diameter. You'd better touch the real phone, the screen is really beautiful.

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            • 05 Oct 2021

            captain fokou, 05 Oct 2021Pop up was so good, the best solution in my opinion, but it... moreNo, the pop up is cheap, again, you have sub 200€ phones with pop up.
            Not necessarily :
            Vivo Nex A/Nex S : 199g (the first ones)
            K20 Pro/Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro : 191g
            Realme X : 191g
            Oppo F11 Pro : 190g
            Vivo V15 Pro : 185g
            Oppo Reno : 185g
            Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus : 165g
            Poco F2 Pro : 219g

            Meanwhile :
            Tecno Camon 17 Pro : 201g (the Tecno Camon 18 series probably won't be lighter)
            Galaxy S21+ : 200g, S21 Ultra : 227g
            Keep in mind that while the Poco F2 Pro is 6.67" and the S21+ and S21 Ultra are respectively 6.7" and 6.8".
            iPhone 13 Pro : 204g - 6.1"
            iPhone 13 Pro Max : 240g - 6.7"
            Both 7.7mm thin.

            And let's say that Apple being constantly the best-selling smartphone brand prove that people ACTUALLY don't mind it.
            And even if it was a verified trend, those who want a pop up would totally accept a heavier phone anyway.

            Not only IP67/68 is overrated and basically useless and on top of not do anything induce people into thinking their phones are better water-resistant than they are, leading to a lot of them getting their phone bricked, which is the reason why, for any phones sold in equal numbers between one with a pop up and one being IP67/68 rated, you'll find much more reports of the IP rated one being damaged/killed by liquids.
            But on top of that, add that :
            1) The regular pop up is already water-resistant enough, and could be further improved to be made IP67/68 compliant, mainly with something like the Fold3 being IPx8 rated.
            And 2) There are alternative ways to make a pop up that can render it totally sealed off of the main phone body, which by the way is the main purpose of my fictional phone, to demonstrate such a mechanism, which is not just water-resistant, but totally waterproof.
            And again, even putting this aside, those wanting a phone with a pop up would happily take it over IP rating anyway.

            The Pixel 6 has NOTHING TO DO with the S10, if you want a similar design, look at the Meizu 17 series, people don't like the 3 tone color and the huge bump that literally goes all across the phone, EXACTLY like the Mi 11 Ultra.

            And bezel is cheaper than the teardrop notch, yet you have expensive phones with teardrop notches.
            Again, there is NO LEGITIMATE REASONS WHATSOEVER to have no diversity and to keep the user stuck within only two designs that have more issues than anything else.

              AnonD-909757, 04 Oct 2021Really? Then, if I know nothing, and you know it all, expl... morePop up was so good, the best solution in my opinion, but it costs more than a punch hole or a teardrop. Poco f3 was cheap but not as cheap it would be if it had a punch hole, also phones with pop up were heavy. Flagships don't use pop up in order to get ip 67/8 certification.

              S10 design was great. Google will bring a simular to design with the pixel but again I see most people complaining. I like the p50 pro design but it's personal opinion so I won't say anything about that but mi 11s are not a iphone 11-13 design copy. It's different, uglier but different.

              The reason teardrops and punch holes exist at the same time is because teardrop is creaper

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                • 04 Oct 2021

                captain fokou, 04 Oct 2021What your comment show is that you have no idea how phones... moreReally?
                Then, if I know nothing, and you know it all, explain to me how and why within the phones that have pop up you have everything from flagship (OnePlus 7(t) Pro) to midrange/flagship killer (Mi 9T Pro/Poco F2 Pro) to cheap/entry (Honor 9x)?
                You mean exactly like how the Poco F2 Pro who has an average thickness, a better than average battery capacity to body volume ratio, quad camera including the first TeleMacro, a 3.5mm Jack and every feature phones in this price range have, while also being low price?
                I didn't talk about pen, and if you refer to my design it is NOT a midrange, it is clearly a top end, c'mon it has two APS-C, isn't it obvious?

                Yeah, what about the beloved Galaxy S10 camera layout then?
                The P50 Pro IS ugly, unique doesn't mean beautiful, but the same over and over again is tiring.
                And what are you even saying? The camera layout of the Mi 11 series is literally a copy/paste of the iPhone stove, the only exception being the Mi 11 Ultra who has such a huge one that this is comprehensibly not popular.

                It ISN'T the "latest" as, "the best and most performant", it is just A DESIGN, and there are NO REASONS to have THE SAME design on EVERY phones.
                I never said that punch holes and teardrop notches shouldn't be made at all, I said there shouldn't be ONLY them.
                And if the punch hole was really an evolution of the teardrop notch the way you say it, then why so many phones would still have the teardrop notch?
                A hole/dent in a display is NEVER the best option, that's why ONLY the smartphone industry, who do stupid stuff at every occasion, is the only one who adopted it.
                Good, the underdisplay camera should NOT be the next invasive cancer anyway, many don't want it, the same way many don't want punch holes or notches, that's why, like EVERY FRICKING MARKET IN THE WORLD, there should be diversity.
                But since, everytime someone talks about any non trending feature or diversity, there is an idiot that has to come and negatively answer to it, it won't happen, because the smartphone community is extremely toxic and probably the worst.

                I prefer writing a long comment that no one will answer to rather than being stuck in an argument with idiots that are not only wrong but who also think their personal opinion is more relevant than facts.
                Also, I don't answer for the person I answer to, I am mostly cleaning the image of great techs that get unjustifiably bashed or say the truth about the bad ones, it is NOT aimed for the casual reader/commenter, the targeted audience who has more chances to read it will recognize themselves.

                  AnonD-909757, 04 Oct 2021With what logic? Tell me that this : https://imgur.com/ga... moreWhat your comment show is that you have no idea how phones other than flagships get designed. You can not put something special on a midranger like a pen or a pop up because firstly it will cost to the company money and they cannot afford to spend more than absolutely necessary. Secondly you will sacrifice something for that feature like a bigger camera or a bigger battery.

                  About your design argument that every company copy Apple or Samsung. Have you ever thought thta they might have to. There are only so many ways to design a camera module which people will actually like. Take for example the p50 pro unique, new design, inspired by their mate seires but people don't like it, they call it ugly. Same thing happend with xiaomi 11.

                  You like it or not punch hole is the evolution of the teardrop notch which itself was an evolution of the notch. The fact that companies use the latest selfie cutout design is not because they copy each other but because it the best option right now. Under display cameras are not ready to be adopted by the whole industry yet.

                  Finally an advice, don't write very long comments. Most people will just scroll to the next comment.

                    Umm, well I think its high time Tecno moves to the next level of processor chipsets on such category of their phones as well as their flagship phones. We should @least be expecting a 'Dimensity chipset that's either D700, D800, D1000 or even possibly a Snapdragon processor (SD770 or even more). Since Tecno has come this far, U can imagine the Phantom X having same chipset with Canon 17pro. It's really high time Tecno upgraded especially with processors. If @all they can't equip their phones with Snapdragon chipsets, let them transform to Dimensity chipsets for now & Snapdragon chipsets afterwards. My opinion though.

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                      • 04 Oct 2021

                      Abi gee, 03 Oct 2021Camon 18 is affordable and good for everyone come for your newWat¿

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                        • 04 Oct 2021

                        AnonD-909757, 03 Oct 2021And this is exactly what I have against the smartphone mark... moreAt last!! Thank you so much! Exactly what i thought!
                        Thank you for saying out loud what i couldn't say properly in english as it's not my native language.
                        Thanks you!!

                          It will have g95 cpu? Again?

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                            • 04 Oct 2021

                            captain fokou, 03 Oct 2021With your logic you cannot make a phone without copying som... moreWith what logic?
                            Tell me that this :
                            Whose body dimensions are directly taken from a Galaxy phone, has anything to do with any of them.

                            Is this so complicated to NOT make ALL the phones with either a teardrop notch or a punch hole, most flagship with curved edges display and no jack, all phones of the same ~6.8" size, putting useless 2Mp sensors on all but most flagships, and all this nonsense?

                            Sony is a good example of this, Asus, if you forget the Zenfone 8 is also a good example.
                            There are TONS of possible designs and features :
                            Notch, punch hole, bezel, pop up, slider, flip up, underdisplay camera, disappearing camera and many more including a lot of "no front camera" solutions, from second display on the back to wireless detachable main camera.
                            This is ONLY for the front camera location related design (though it plays the biggest role in all designs).

                            Same for the camera, there are SO MUCH other designs than the iPhone and Samsung ones, from camera in the center, on the top, in line, in a circle and all that.

                            That's why, even without a pop up I would be a big fan of the Poco F2 Pro, it doesn't just brainlessly copy everything.
                            It still has a Jack, an IR Blaster (which, granted, most Xiaomi still have), a big battery, a different and symmetrical main camera design, almost no camera bump, it still has a stupid 2Mp depth camera but rather than a useless 2Mp Macro there is a 5Mp TeleMacro, the first off its kind, and at 5Mp while it could be much better, it is still usable, unlike 2Mp.
                            Dual band sat nav, NFC which is crazy to think there are still global phones without it nowadays.

                            I would like to say that there are tons of other examples like this one, sadly this isn't the case, except for gaming phones, which start to also become generic.
                            OEMs copy the awful new Samsung camera layout directly itself copied from the Apple's stove one, but none except Meizu did copy what truly matter = Ultrasonic FPS.
                            Exactly like how everyone copied the Apple's notch without putting any 3D face recognition sensors in it while it is the sole reason for this to exist.

                            Obviously there are things that you CAN'T just not copy, like a battery, 4G/5G, touch screen, all of those, a basic rectangular shape, a reasonable thickness and all that.
                            But all the phones right now are the same on features that have tons of alternatives.
                            The good things are totally ignored or even worse the wrong part of them are being copied.

                            Like how, multiple camera that has for goal to allow to be versatile without having to change any lens, which after a Wide/Standard quickly added either an Ultra-Wide or a support camera that actually did something (black and white/monochrome/depth with much more than 2Mp) or a Telephoto, and when there was 3 adding either a support camera or a Telephoto, then, since there is no continuously variable focal length (true zoom), adding a second Telephoto, so there is something for long and super long focal length (at least, super long for a smartphone), but rather than adding a Telephoto, they all simply got like :
                            "Hey, they have 4 cameras, let's also put 4".
                            Rather than:
                            "They offer one of every main camera type, being Wide, Ultra-Wide and Telephoto, let's also do that so users don't miss out on nice features".
                            Which is why phones stupidly have a useless depth camera rather than a dedicated portrait one, or to use a deep focus range on the Telephoto to have both Portrait and Macro mode as well, meaning that except fisheyes all major lenses types would be covered.

                            So, yes, obviously, if for you a smartphone HAS to have ALL the trending stuff regardless if they are good or not, well, yeah, with my logic we can't make a phone without copying someone else indeed.

                            And once again, for the bazillionth time, I am NOT asking for each brand to ONLY do their OWN thing or to have ALL phones totally different.
                            SIMPLY, to NOT do ALL the phones the exact same.
                            What is the point of the :
                            Galaxy F42, M22, M32, A03s, A12 Nacho, M21 2021, F22.
                            Or Redmi 9i Sport, 9A Sport, 9 Activ, Note 8.
                            Or Redmi Note 10 Lite, 10 Prime, 10, Note 10T, Note 10 Pro, etc.
                            If all have the SAME design and basically the same features?
                            Don't tell me it is for price range, multiple off those have the same price, it isn't as if you need one model per 10€ increment...

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                              • 03 Oct 2021

                              zaryan, 02 Oct 2021and as usual it will have legendary mediatek helio g95The Camon 18 comes with Helio G96, gimbal stabilization camera, Amoled screen and others

                                AnonD-909757, 03 Oct 2021Basically: *Everyone copies both Samsung and Apple. (remo... moreWith your logic you cannot make a phone without copying someone else

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                                  • 03 Oct 2021

                                  Will Tecno ever go above G95? Remains to be seen...

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                                    • 03 Oct 2021

                                    Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021I mean tecno and infinix basically copy each other I don’t ... moreBasically:
                                    *Everyone copies both Samsung and Apple.
                                    (removal of the Jack, stove camera layout, notch/punch hole, curved edge display, etc)

                                    *Samsung do copy Apple.
                                    (removal of the Jack, of the inbox charger, notch, stove camera layout)

                                    *And while Apple doesn't directly copy Samsung, they still do things in answer to them.
                                    The whole notch deign and Face ID is clearly an answer to the Galaxy S8/S9 that they knew was coming with his much slimmer bezel design compared to its predecessors and advanced Iris scanner with dedicated hardware.

                                    Only few brands like Sony and Asus (if we let the Zenfone 8 aside, which is clearly a generic phone and which probably mark the end of their own identity).
                                    CAT who has better things to do than to follow bad trends, and few other special brands like that, but otherwise, every single brands, all the major one except Sony, follow the exact same things.

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                                      • 03 Oct 2021

                                      AnonD-909757, 03 Oct 2021And this is exactly what I have against the smartphone mark... moreCamon 18 is affordable and good for everyone come for your new

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                                        • 03 Oct 2021

                                        Tecno devices these days you'd argue tis really a tecno device