Nokia G300 5G leaks with Snapdragon 480 chipset, 720p+ display, 16 MP main camera

30 September 2021
And a 5 MP ultra wide camera. The 480 chip is also used in the Nokia X10 and X20 as well as the recent G50 5G.

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When this phone is available in India with 6.1 inch display and with two rear camera and one front camera.

  • Carol

Raj, 01 Oct 2021Why snapdragon 480, we have snapdragon 662 which is quite f... moreAnd you base you info on? Fairytales, the numbers in names, the sound the name makes, or what? SD 4805G is faster in anyway then 662. More energy efficient, faster Graphics, supports faster RAM and has 5g support too. You're literally asking them to downgrade because you do not like how 480 is written on paper.

  • AnonD-977150

Oh what a heap, look at it!

  • Nokia fan

Nokia we don't like depth camera and macro camera, and please change your camera design and reduce the display size to below 6.4 inch and keep the bezels very narrow. We like to see new Nokia phones in October 6th.

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Once again Nokia has proved that their phones are for SENIOR CITIZENS only not for others use (nokia phones sizes are huge 6.5 not even in compact size 6.1 and bezels also huge size).
Note: I think Nokia phone designers are very old peoples (age above 70).

  • Anonymous

An0n, 30 Sep 2021Are you serious? What are you going to do with 3 camera rec... moreSD480 is equivalent to SD730G.. It is twice as fast as SD662..

  • Raj

Why snapdragon 480, we have snapdragon 662 which is quite faster. Does 662 doesn't support 5g? Or snap 480 only support 5g? . Why Nokia gives all specs ok but doesnot give a powerful processor like 778 g and dimensity 800 and 1200 chipsets. Phones Always priced high, if priced high compete with other brands by giving a good chipset that handles much harder tasks like gaming.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2021Basically any phone you buy from Nokia, it comes with eithe... moreSD480 5G is actually a quite powerfull CPU. But why would you research before talking?

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021As if the Nokia cameras worth the money they ask. All in t... moreThat doesn't change any fact about sd 480, so next time if oneplus throttle sd 870 it will make sd 870 bad soc?

  • Anonymous

Hemedans, 30 Sep 2021As I said Before Qualcomm and Google do invest in HMD so co... moreAs if the Nokia cameras worth the money they ask. All in this phones are inferior to what competitors offer at the same and cheaper prices. Their image processing software is algo generic and inferior. So no excuses.

They are lilke other chinese companies purchasin and renting well known brands to do business selling whatever shit the imagine to fool their old and loyal customers with overpriced junk mainly.

  • LoveEarth

Nokia is in the gutter and addicted to snapdragon 480 now. LMAO

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Anonymous, 30 Sep 2021Bezels way too thick for 2021...Why Nokia bezel are too big. Then phone total size is 6.8 then it's too big, but we like total size is 6.4 inch including bezel also.
Why they keep 2mp depth and macro camera actually it's unwanted thing and it's extra cost for buyers not sellers. Main and wide camera are enough.
Nokia please reduce your bezel size and better to design the phone for one hand use option (6.2 inch is perfectly better option).
Now Nokia is on track little bit. Well done Nokia.

  • tom

Looks like nokia intents for big sales in lower market preferences, offer only good quality ,clean software.

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2021I'd rather see a clean front with a little bezel and c... moreIt's pretty good. I like the overall design of both Xperia 5 and 10 series.

  • rothaus

once upon a time Nokia was king but this company HMD Global made Nokia the king of trash. Hopefully it goes bankrupt soon and we don't see the this tragedy. I am realy so sory for what happened to Nokia Mobile.

  • Anonymous

pangolinpanda, 30 Sep 2021Trim that chin and put the Nokia logo on the back, everyone... moreI'd rather see a clean front with a little bezel and chin as Sony did with their current models. That is my current favourite to date.

  • Anonymous

Why wouldn't Nokia just release a 5G-supported G-series smartphone with a Dimensity chipset? That would make more sense.

An0n, 30 Sep 2021Are you serious? What are you going to do with 3 camera rec... moreI never said it's better than sd 690, it's you who said that.

And it's easy to say sd 480 is low end because it belong to 400 series, back up your word with evidence.

Sd 480G is better or equivalent to all 4G 7xx and 6xx series

How many phones came with Helio G80 series, how many came with sd 662, 720 or 730? Some cost way more than sd 480G devices while they offer little value. Because they belong to 7xx or 6xx series you guys think they are better Blindly.

And record video simultaneously has its uses and almost all flagship devices has this feature including IPhone. One use you can put one camera to focus only on subject while wide one can record all sorroundings.

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 4 series again? 7 series is must have.

  • Anonymous

Basically any phone you buy from Nokia, it comes with either Snapdragon 480 or some crappy Unisoc chipsets in the bottom of the barrel range. What the hell?