Huawei employee reveals Huawei's Harmony OS 3 is coming soon

1 October 2021
Huawei Developer Conference will be held on October 24 when HarmonyOS is expected to arrive.

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Vaz, 03 Oct 2021Huawei is good cell but there is no support from the compan... moreWhich company keeps battery for 7 year old phone other than apple (just because old design though)?

    Vaz, 03 Oct 2021Huawei is good cell but there is no support from the compan... moreThe customer service isn't bad. Your phone is just really old. Your phone is older than my youngest v

      Wayne Artworks, 02 Oct 2021Huawei doesn't care for us the global users, why cabt ... moreHuawei announced the release of HOS for the global users and it's set to release in December 2021!

        Vaz, 03 Oct 2021Huawei is good cell but there is no support from the compan... moreGet a Nohon battery from Aliexpress

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          • 7kb
          • 03 Oct 2021

          Huawei is good cell but there is no support from the company, I had purchased from Philippines Manila Asia Mall Huawei Mate S, and this phone was an expensive the top model, in 2015 when I purchased this cell.
          The battery was good enough for first 3 years, but then the performance started getting so poor that today the cell I am unable to use it, we get battery online but can't trust due to my previous experience.
          I live in Mumbai I have tried with almost all Huwaei service centers but not one center says this model is not available and we don't have the battery, the customer service is very bad unfortunately

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            • 03 Oct 2021

            As long as they accept malware in AppGallery and deny any reports, they are no longer an option.

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              • Wayne Artworks
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              • 02 Oct 2021

              Huawei doesn't care for us the global users, why cabt they roll out the harmony Os to us all.... Am using a y9 prime 2019, decent hardware but software updates are shitty. I've been on Android 10 from 2020.

                pangolinpanda, 01 Oct 2021Not true though, MicroG is basically an open re-implementat... moreYou are sort of correct. While microG may use a part of Google services for notifications, the data isn't sent to the Google server. That is sent to microG server instead. Let me put it this way: If you sync phone contacts using a Google account from GMS-installed phones, microG wouldn't get it. I know this because I'm currently using two phone numbers for WhatsApp, which means I'm using two different phones at the same time (one of them is completely deGoogled and running microG Service Core while another one has Google Mobile Services pre-installed). What this means is that if I want to use all the recently-added contacts on my deGoogled smartphone, I have to add them manually. In other words, whatever happens in microG stays in microG.

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                  • 02 Oct 2021

                  Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021Clearly you believe what the us government say. Lol Even t... moreI like your comment, Huawei was a threat to the market of apple and to put an end to it. Us did that, but i believe HMS is gonna become a greatest threat to them. I support Huawei 100%

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                    • 02 Oct 2021

                    They keep on updating in their mainland China, but they didn't even release outside China their first or 2nd version.

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                      • 01 Oct 2021

                      Glad to see harmony is improving. Even now is way better than IOS and in short or long time will be way better than Android.

                        Phones fan, 01 Oct 2021What? Are you kidding? Huawei is a spying company that wo... more😂 they spy on which company apple 😂😂😂😂 yet apple could not even produce a notchless phone still using a design that was created 4 years ago and you keep they are being spied on no one they are not progressing disgrace of a company creating overpriced shits they call a phone you better go cry elsewhere boy

                          Good job Huawei we are progressing I can see apple fans are 😂 crying because they have compared the new shitty iphone 13 pro max to P50 pro still yet was beating badly by Huawei the mate 50 series we not just put apple out of business but also put them out of functioning rubbish

                            Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021Who cares and why do we need to know every minute detail ab... moreObviously you.

                              Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021I want to open the bootloader to install HMS. Hope will be ... moreI have LineageOS + HMS on my Mi A1, it works well.

                                Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021Or you can install MicroG and have neither google or huawei... moreNot true though, MicroG is basically an open re-implementation of Google services and network location, it'll still connect to Google if you want things such as for example notifications.

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                                  • 01 Oct 2021

                                  BigDisplay, 01 Oct 2021I have the Mate 20 x Chinese version with a global rom with... moreI have the mate 20x5G and love it. Not rooted though. Arghh

                                    sayabosanhidup, 01 Oct 2021hey bro am planning to either get a huawei mate30 pro or p... moreI think p40 pro plus is a better deal

                                      AnonD-1016461, 01 Oct 2021Unfortunately US and China are two sides of a coin Nothing... moreAnd the coin is in whose pockets?🤔 😋

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                                        • 01 Oct 2021

                                        B, 01 Oct 2021Where is WhatsApp, Zoom, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix ?Aurora Store dude.