Flashback: The HTC One (M8) had two cameras and two OSes

03 October 2021
This phone introduced a camera feature that is still found on phones today. 

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  • Anonymous

Just found a M9 (never used) for bit over $120.
Gonna buy it just to watch videos and enjoy front speakers.

HTC plans to start selling phones again in South Korea.
Finances are slowly improving year by year.

  • Anonymous

This was my favorite smartphone ever. Still use it has a backup unit, it's gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

I would like to see Apple, Samsung, Google, etc to use more cameras in order to capture depth more accurately. For example two main cameras (actually, the S21 does have two main cameras) or two tele cameras. I am a bit surprised that Google allegedly uses the Gn1 dual pixel sensor as there are quad pixel sensors and "dual pixel pro" sensors available, which should measure depth more accurately.

The last line is true. I was actually a fan of HTC and now I only buy google phones.

  • Shiny Dave

As someone who had the M7, I definitely wish I could have benefitted from the battery life gains of the M8. The multi-camera aspect didn't bother me, but it's interesting that a feature that became ubiquitous (and then out of hand) within a few years would start on an HTC that wasn't a big commercial hit and didn't reverse their downward spiral.

Had the HTC One M8 Eye. Dumped it after 2 years because, well, 16GB of internal storage is simply not enough. MicroSD was good for photos but I just couldn't install the apps I needed in 16GB. But damn, it was a superbly built device, felt so good in the hand. The face swapping thing in its camera app was also funny

The brand I will always love and remember. Unrivaled build quality.

  • Onzione

The galaxy S3, which I owned before this one was taking better photos in every situation. I don't remember liking this phone for anything besides the metal look and feel.

Bought one from AliExpress few months ago.
Refurbished unit,mint condition,EU model(16GB).Paid $90,including customs fees and tax, It'ss worth that, definitely, even though is kinda joke today, with that "camera witchcraft".But hey,nice trip down the memory lane...👍

I had it on 2 occasions the Gold Harman Kardon version and the silver uff what a good cell phone, it hurts that HTC decided and is as it is today

  • MattyL

I loved this phone when it was released, my first contract phone when I worked at Phones 4 U. Loved the design and loved the brand.

i love htc that year when their flagship is like apple and samsung today.

HTC is a great phone , got HTC one m8 2015.
Great performance then but the camera app ruined the whole experience

  • Anonymous

Not bad phone. But I picked Sony Xperia Z3 instead. It was a wonderful phone. Now I still use Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. It is good too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021They should remake this phone. Beautiful design and build. ... moreNo, no, NO and JUST NO, Lets not F the (G)old Memories

  • M8lover

Still to this day, my favorite Android device. the one that made me love android.

  • Anonymous

They should remake this phone. Beautiful design and build. Full screen without cuts, easily holdable with a hand