Report: TikTok is the highest-earning mobile app, PUBG Mobile still on top of the mobile gaming world

01 October 2021
Data from SensorTower shows that users spend a whopping $33.6 billion on mobile apps and games in Q3.

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  • rahman

I want this up so that i can earn money

  • Carol

When you have nothing better to do with your life, you give it to others for free. They know what to do with it...

I haven't even installed pubg or tiktok on my phone.

by the way,I even backup iphone photos to google photos app instead of was unlimited since june where icloud was (still is) giving only 5GB free backup. google photos still give 3x more free space compared to icloud.

Google One on Top 1 on Play Store says it all : A lot of ppl have gone for Google One plan in order to keep Google Photos. As I did too, using the 100 Gb for the family also.

[deleted post]Fortnite came after pubg was well established and needed high end phones at the time.

  • Trooper

"Build it, and they will come..." Be that a pointless tourist attraction or even a useless app...

Everything gains a crowd, and idiots have many friends...

In which parallel universe I am living at this moment? 🥲

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2021Surprised to see PUBG Mobile still on top of the rankings. ... moreYeah Indians are always PUBG lovers EHHHHH.

  • Anonymous

mehz, 02 Oct 2021Can't believe Google made more money than Apple in mob... moreLow end Android phone users also install low quality games like Free Fire etc. and spend a lot of money on there.

Can't believe Google made more money than Apple in mobile gaming. iOS users enjoyed ads alot haha. Apple seem to make money from ad infested app like tiktok, YouTube, even YOUKU lol. Android users used youtube vance so Google didn't make any money.

and you get nothing, they flood money from your work using the app.

  • Anonymous

Shows why the Americans wanted to steal TikTok. I'm still angry over being blocked from using it. And no, I'm not in India. Indian government is just dumb.

  • Anonymous

Surprised to see PUBG Mobile still on top of the rankings.

Genshin Impact will probably drop soon in rankings due to the Anniversary reward fiasco and poor dev management.

And where’s COD Mobile?

  • Anonymous

George399, 01 Oct 2021CoDM is better than pubgCODM now have a lot of bugs, whether iOS or Android so not necessarily better now.

Some people are definitely crazy spending too much on something which have nothing to do with real life.
50 or 100 years ago was way better in many ways nowdays people live but in and only in virtual reality.

Surprised to see Piccoma at the top, nice.

i cant believe it every gacha skins in pubgm always success in sales.

  • Anonymous

George399, 01 Oct 2021CoDM is better than pubgYes but pubg has a lite version, so it is running in more smartphones and hence more revenue

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021Good news for Google that its revenue is half of that of th... morebetter optimised apps yes, but i find if funny why some apps (that i need) are free on play store and not on the app store.

CoDM is better than pubg