Tecno Camon 18 Premier brings 120Hz AMOLED display, gimbal camera and periscope

04 October 2021
Tecno's latest device puts photography at the center.

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  • Anonymous

I like but techno company group member look and concentrate when camera zoom pixel losses fault plz next model clear the fault

sq2013, 24 Oct 2021It is. The reason for that is they have to fork out hundred... moreYour comments is way too mixed. I don't understand why they don't replace the g80 something with a dimensity 700.how much more expensive could it be

  • sq2013

captain fokou, 24 Oct 2021Is it that hard to make a pro plus model with dimensity 120... moreIt is. The reason for that is they have to fork out hundreds of thousands to buy a huge batch of these chipsets from mediatek and then up the price. We don't know the starting price but doubt it's sub 290 euros. Up that to 350 euros and it suddenly doesn't look too attractive compared to a poco F3 with amoled, 5G and a snapdragon 870 and other competitors. So then tecno have a load of unsold stock and a huge trading deficit. It's risk versus reward and bear in mind these need to be imported if you're in American or Europe so you're adding import fees on top. I don't blame them. They had to cut back somewhere.

Is it that hard to make a pro plus model with dimensity 1200 and price it 50€ more?

  • Jade

Tecno phones are good in it own unique way
But it performance get worse after a long period of time after usage 🤔 think bout 2 years or so

  • Rbx

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Too bad it's not 5g.5G is not yet a mainstream technology on markets where Tecno is strongly present but in the next 2/3 years they'll surely start to implement it.

  • Anonymous

Too bad it's not 5g.

  • Anonymous

This brand and its funny names...
Tecno Camon, I suppose it is equal to Techno Come On.

  • Anonymous

bulbulito.bayagbag, 05 Oct 2021Chris Evans probably has an iPhone 13 Pro Max now loool.Lol

  • Saimao

We need you people to drop down the price of camon 17.... Please

Chris Evans probably has an iPhone 13 Pro Max now loool.

  • Chiboy

I must say its a nice phone

  • Chiboy

Same procedure as..., 05 Oct 2021Oh, surprise! It's much too big! It is amazing

  • Same procedure as...

Oh, surprise! It's much too big!

  • Fat cat

Used horrible processor for that lame mehhh

  • Rbx

younghadi, 04 Oct 2021Kindly where will i buy Tecno camon 18 premier in Qatar?Check Tecno Mobiles website for Qatar, it should be available there soon.

  • Rbx

IDC WHO U R., 04 Oct 2021sorry unrecognized brandJust say it's an unknown brand where you live but very popular elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

6.95" Screen like tecno camon 17 was better.

Lol Helio

  • Anonymous

vs88, 04 Oct 2021Captain America is holding this phone! Instabuy, people!Lmao