Nokia Asha 205 and Asha 206 unveiled, priced at $62

26 November, 2012
The two featurephones provide dual-SIM connectivity, and social integration on a low budget.

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  • AnonD-24213

asasasas, 26 Nov 2012it runs S40, not symbian!! do you really know what you are sayin... moreHe's just an uneducated hater (search for his other comments). Doesn't know ANYTHING about Nokia, opsystems (besides Crapdroid) and build quality. Someone must be pretty much mentally challenged to claim that Samsung build quality is better than Nokias :)

  • AnonD-56684

The asha 205 is basically a x2 01 with newer features like slam,xpress browser.and since asha series has been quite popular among feature phones it's a gud idea to relaunch it under asha series.
It does better have better luks than asha 200 imo but the cam could've been better- maybe a 2mp one as on the asha 200.

  • AnonD-82074

seems like nokia is not ready to give up..y dont they try on belle or carla ..still sticking on s40..

  • sandy

Very nice
So Nokia lead in market no (1) position(:

  • Titus

Like! Like! :))))

  • AnonD-7134

AnonD-18125, 26 Nov 2012*lol* S40 in 2012.Yes S40 in 2012 and also will be in the future. Bcoz the whole world is not U.S. Also old people can't handle touchscreen always. They like something very handy, compact and ease of use. And that is why S40.

  • AnonD-58170

AnonD-18125, 26 Nov 2012*lol* S40 in 2012.yes its a s40 in 2012..does it stated their that it was a s40 2013?

  • AnonD-58170

AnonD-7134, 26 Nov 2012Pathetic fandroid troll. Move on from this forum. It's not about... moretrue

  • Anonymous

i prefer Symbian over s40. even the old Symbian S60 is still better than this new S40...

  • AnonD-7134

AnonD-78683, 26 Nov 2012Those phones are too cheap but this is normal Nokia always provi... morePathetic fandroid troll. Move on from this forum. It's not about Smartphone OS. Samsung have quality?? Oh man. The biggest joke ever. Nokia phones are known for reliability and durability.. Whether it's cheap S40 or gorgeous Lumia. All have quality build. Even gsmarena admit it. Go moan in your cheapo plastic forum. And WP lag?? Really. That's why it is the smoothest and stable OS now..

  • AnonD-18125

AnonD-41413, 26 Nov 2012I just woke up and viewed this post.....and then i had to check ... more*lol* S40 in 2012.

  • vijay

almate look and features

  • AnonD-34979

i cant believe some people are trolling on this post if you love android buy droid DNA OR NEXUS 4 u like symbian buy 808 or atleast try WP8 IT HAS SOME qualities of symbian excepts true multitasking for all apps cos wp8 has true multitasking for skype and others like it.stop bad mouthing it is not cool

  • AnonD-41413

I just woke up and viewed this post.....and then i had to check the calander to confirm that i have not time travelled to 2005 in my sleep......

  • hemedans

guys if u live europe or america its up to you but before criticise this u have to know that.

1. In africa and asia some people they dont know even what is ovi store they download stuff from website which do not have top level domain like those made by subdomain like xtgem, wapka and peperonity

2. This phone has 64mb but only 10 is available because there is 40 games and apps like mig33 preloded.

3. If u said nokia repeat mistake to build this phone you are totally wrong because asha series is only series which is profitable in q3 it sells 6.5 million unit compare to lumia series which sell 2.9 million units.

4. Not all people like touchscreen or qwerty phones nokia 206 give us candybar flavour even blind and old people they can use it

5.q3 nokia sells more than 60 million of feature phone and less than 15 million samrtphone if were you which business will you invest more?

  • Anonymous

Nokia 206 looks pretty neat and cheap!

  • AnonD-49463

Here we are waiting for lumia and all we get is Asha series and old lumia w7 Runing handset. I wonder if Nokia is ever gonna release these handset in european and US market...

  • AnonD-58170

back then when symbian was still alive, people are kept on complaining that symbian is suck, dead, and lack of apps. still behind of android..yes its true.

when nokia accepted microsoft as their os right now, people made exactly the opposite, please do make some symbian phones,

this thread for s40 not for s60 series and to accept the truth 808 might be the last symbian phone released!

  • lol what?

AnonD-78683, 26 Nov 2012Those phones are too cheap but this is normal Nokia always provi... more"Samsung Galaxy Ace is more sturdy than Nokia" was the funniest part. For which magazine/blog do you write humorous articles?

  • Anonymous

S40 = Nokia OS

Symbian = Symbian OS