Apple to announce M1X-powered MacBook Pro this month

04 October 2021
A Mac mini is also expected to make an appearance.

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  • Tio

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2021Lol tr0ll, M1 Macbook can play Metro Exodus (from App Store... moreLol you really are a stupid specimen. That's barely even good for a premium chipset

AnonF-1006353, 08 Oct 2021Tell me which applications rely only on a single core nowad... more> Tell me which applications rely only on a single core nowadays? And why especially business ones?

Very easy. A demanding one: web browsers and all that electron shit.

  • Jab1995

I prefer my mac for daily use but I do have a windows PC for other stuffs. I have been using windows for a very long time and there are stable builds which can compete with a mac stability but the problem is to keep up with security patches and keeping them stable. I used to run a windows server OS as my daily PC and never rebooted it for 2 years, lol. Never had any issues with it. When I started going back to school I already have a windows based laptop but windows 10 is very unstable as a daily driver so I tried using a mac and it delivered exceptional experience. Yes, it has limited applications compared to a windows based computer but it is a good daily driver which is very stable out of the box. I could have tinkered with my windows laptop but I just don’t have time in my hand to tweak it and make it stable as a daily driver.

AnonF-1006353, 08 Oct 2021It's not about the notebooks they offer. It's abo... moreWhile I often avoid these mac v.s. pc debates because I generally can't be bothered, I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

So, I'm a tech guy, front-end developer, been working in and using computers for a long time and I use macs... but for only one reason – mac OS.

I don't care about the "ecosystem" and often when I hear this as a benefit I tend to shake my head. "Oh I couldn't live without airdrop" -- um yeah you could, there are loads of ways you can get the same functionality on windows. "I love how my computer rings when I get a phone call / I love getting my iMessage messages on my computer too" -- you do? I can't stand it, that's something I turn off straight away but each to their own.

The reason I choose macs over computers running windows is because I prefer mac OS. That's it. Before you say that I probably haven't used windows I'll stop you there and say I have. I've used windows more than mac OS I'd say – I had a 386, 486, a P5 (pentium) and many more and some of my best memories using computers was in MS-DOS. But, all things considered I prefer the mac operating system to windows, so that means I buy macs.

Now, many of the things that people have said they don't like about macs or Apple in general I can agree with a lot of them – the anti-consumer stuff, overpriced (now with M1 it's the first time Apple can even enter the overpriced debate).. speaking of Apple silicon, the M1 soc is very impressive (I'm typing this on an M1 mac mini now) but I loved my intel mac mini and also my iMac because I could upgrade the RAM, so while everyone always said "I can upgrade my PC and you can't upgrade your Mac" I could push back (a little) and say well I can upgrade my RAM, but with the new SOCs looks like that will disappear too..

So while people have different reasons why they choose Apple products (to which they are entitled to, who are we to tell people what they should like or buy?) there are mac users like myself who know apple isn't perfect and we are more than happy to criticize them when it's due. But as long as mac OS keeps providing the environment that I prefer working in, I'll keep buying macs.

And if you prefer working in windows, that's great, I don't think you're stupid, or a sheep or dumb, you should download the version of windows you prefer and enjoy your computing experience.

  • AnonF-1006353

P C M, 08 Oct 2021I don't have to see it in videos. I have plenty first ... moreTell me which applications rely only on a single core nowadays? And why especially business ones?

The Ryzen 4800U has also a TDP of only 15 Watts, just like the M1, and still scores higher in Passmark, and around the same on cinebench. How about that?

And still gets a lot less media coverage, because there is no old fruit logo on it... It's a bit like the tulp mania in the 16th century.

  • AnonF-1006353

P C M, 08 Oct 2021I don't have to see it in videos. I have plenty first ... moreIt's not about the notebooks they offer. It's about the hype and praise they get everywhere, which really is out of any relation if we take a look on what they offer for the money and how many bad anti consumer trends they started. Whilst adapt useful features way later. If you compare when other brands like sony offered waterproof flagships with stereo mics/speaker/steadyshot/battery care (and back then even better resoluting camera, which, under good lighting conditions might still be true if you see xz2 on compare tool) and so on and how late apple offered iphones with all that... Plus the snobbish and misleading marketing, they're literally fooling people, very successfully at that. Selling monitor stands for $1000 and people buy it because of the logo on it...Once they are locked in the ecosystem, they get milked even more because apple limits compatibility and uses proprietary standards. You can't even sideload apps. For tech people it's just a ripoff. And even for non-tech people, i'm not sure if the arguably good working ecosystem is really worth the price with all its limits for everyone, or if they just buy it because they don't know any better.

AnonF-1006353, 07 Oct 2021Once again, who is getting personal now? The only logic tha... moreI don't have to see it in videos. I have plenty first hand experience with laptops.
Cheap laptops always suffer from issues.
About M1 vs your Ryzen 5800H... M1 still gets a lot better efficiency(almost 150% better) and single core performance which is a must for Business laptop.

Finally I am not getting personal. It's you. Your consistent pushing a brand for simply not offering any other types of laptop is just dumb. If you wanna compare fairly then compare with the same category.

Think about Lenovo. A same brand with the same configuration/specification a Legion 5 costs almost 30-40% less than the Legion 7. Do you know why ? I've already explained that to you earlier.
If this doesn't put some sense in you then I have nothing to say to you.

ABC Media, 07 Oct 2021Being able to run something and being able to run it proper... morebugs and crashes?

Ha. show me the source that confirms that.

Show me.

ABC Media, 07 Oct 2021Being able to run something and being able to run it proper... moreShow me the source that says that there are bugs and app crashes on macs.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 06 Oct 2021Sure then. moreBeing able to run something and being able to run it properly without any issues are two completely different things. Bugs, app crashes, no thank you!!! People prefer a premium Windows laptop. They'll pay more for a machine that just works, they are not interested in running half baked windows via emulation or virtualization.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 06 Oct 2021lightweight? What can I not do on macOS that I can on wi... moreThere are a million apps that work on Windows and people enjoy them without worrying about irrelevant Mac OS. No matter how much you try Mr.MacOS salesman, people aren't interested in switching to a joker operating system like Mac OS

HaterzSuckkkkk, 06 Oct 2021heh, 1800 bucks? 80% pricier than the macbook. still ... moreWindows offers premium laptops for those who need that kind of power.
Poor people like you you need to save money then dream about buying a gaming God like legions series. Macs are irrelevant in the PC world, don't you know?

  • AnonF-1006353

HaterzSuckkkkk, 07 Oct 2021I'm currently using a lenovo x380 yoga as my work comp... moreNow load those tabs with some more heavy web-applications and not only google search pages.. Btw, how much ram does it have? Don't tell me you don't know how to find that out. And as you said, for now. Won't be the same in a few years. 8GB might be suitable for smartphones nowadays, but not anymore for notebooks (apart of lightweight office and browsing, video/audio consuming use, but then you wont need a CPU that strong and can just go with a $500 notebook...)

20 Tabs are really nothing. Powerusers and devs often have 100 Tabs or more open. If you want to test things in a local VM at the same time, it will swap already..

  • AnonF-1006353

HaterzSuckkkkk, 07 Oct 2021 morePerformance will be bad compared to a decent GTX 1650 or upwards equipped Win Notebook. Does it even run on Windows for ARM? Otherwise, no parallels support.

AnonF-1006353, 07 Oct 2021Once again, good luck with that 8GB of ram in a few years, ... moreI'm currently using a lenovo x380 yoga as my work computer(not my home computer) and it has less RAM than the macbook, yet I still manage to fit around 20-ish tabs on my browser with no slowdowns, along with many apps running in the background

AnonF-1006353, 07 Oct 2021Far cry 6 is brand new, it will be played by millions. Oh t... more

And whatever, if you need those you can install parallel desktop.

  • AnonF-1006353

P C M, 07 Oct 2021I don't understand why stupid people like you always t... moreOnce again, who is getting personal now? The only logic that is falling apart is yours, because it has no substance.

You are right, noone is forcing you to buy the business model. Only apple, because you always pay the comparable price to a business notebook, but without business features in it. And:
If you really think Macbooks are never built cheaply, you better watch some Lous Rossman videos on youtube..

  • AnonF-1006353

HaterzSuckkkkk, 07 Oct 2021far cry 6? Who plays that anymore? "Sony vegas, Tre... moreFar cry 6 is brand new, it will be played by millions. Oh tell me about better alternatives than Milkdrop or Treesize.. Then there is more, Myphone explorer for example. Or the native version of foobar2000. Fully customizable with VST plugins, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, support for kernel streaming, plays all audio formats, converts, and so on..

  • AnonF-1006353

HaterzSuckkkkk, 07 Oct 2021That isn't worth it for a 80% price increase, no quest... moreOnce again, good luck with that 8GB of ram in a few years, it will be swapping ramdisk to ssd like crazy, slowly destroying it by doing that. And there are better Win alternatives at the same price point for the same or even better performance, a 4800U is around 17k Passmark vs M1 15k Passmark.. With 8GB they are probably ever cheaper than your M1 Macbook now, and they can be upgraded with ram later, unlike your anti consumer M1 product..

  • AnonF-1006353

P C M, 07 Oct 2021.. Which world you're living. M1 is almost 50% fast... moreWe talked about the Ryzen 5800H, can't you read? M1 is slower everywhere, apart of the biased Geekbench maybe, which is owned by an apple fanboy, go figure... Even Linus Torvalds mentioned it GB is trash). On every other benchmark the 5800H is faster by at least 30%