Budget wired earphones comparison

10 October 2021
We test some of the most popular entry-level wired earbuds under $30.

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not GSMarena's speciality domain. a very generic article. no technical profoundness.

  • Tifu

Please make a comparison between the best wireless earbuds under $70.

  • skimbleshanks

these are better than Bluetooth earbuds if you dont care about wire

  • Mahesh

Sid, 10 Oct 2021Plz Add extra section of Accessories like Earphones, watche... moreI like that👍

  • Anonymous

How I wished this article was made a week earlier. It could have saved me some money. I bought a wireless earphones few days ago at around $60 out of curiosity even though I am very critical about these wireless things. I am very aware that these wireless earphones are disposable and designed to make more money for the companies. After I tried my new wireless earphones, it made me realize that these wireless earphones are not better sounding than the bundled wired earphones of my Nokia 7 Plus. Apart from the features like ANC, awareness/transparency modes and wireless capability, their sounds are not significantly different.

One thing I’m not a fan of is the piece that goes into the ear canal. I prefer the type that sit there like the original apple air pods and my fav my sound peats.

  • Kt

Samath N8 808 owner, 10 Oct 2021"" so they could sell overpriced, mediocre wirele... moreTry headphonezone.in
All the above mentioned stuffs are there.
Infact i got the KZ DQ6 and ZSN pro from there

Stellistarz, 10 Oct 2021KZ ZSN for me the best wired earphones, the aound quality i... moreActually depends which Sony earphones or in ear monitors, while kz /qkz and blon are excellent within their price range and up to USD 150 range, but if you go to sony audiophile grade iems, there are on another level, but it's also very expensive as well, example, ier-m7 sounds so awesome, even older xba-300, but their USD 2000 ier-z1r is probably a bit excessive

KZ ZSN for me the best wired earphones, the aound quality is just amazing. Compared to class A JBLs or Sony, this is way better.

  • Sid

Plz Add extra section of Accessories like Earphones, watches, portable Device etc with Review.

"" so they could sell overpriced, mediocre wireless garbage to consumers ""
"" All of these are priced under $30 and somehow still sound better than most $300 wireless earbuds. ""

This is the truth no doubt, but I can't believe I'm listening to this on GSMArena, which so far has mostly maintained diplomacy with the industrial trends. Way to go, GSMArena. Good work!

Although with reference to Indian market, one can't find much of them, so its better to get Soundmagic E50C/ E80C, specially if you have a QuadDAC setup.

Blon was too vocalish for me, not enjoyable. Kinera bd005 (non pro) is ideal for me, \ like bass, BA+dynamic.

  • Agapo

The wire is there for reasons.

Tried several TWS and now happily sticking to CCA C10

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Anyone who actually listens to music wouldn't recommend JBL.

  • Anonymous

How about the ZSN Pro X compared to the ZS10 Pro's?

I mainly listen through a 15usd HE 150 bought from Aliexpress, they're really nice. Otherwise Sony mdr-7506 for over ear since it's a tank that's cheap in the sense that it will probably never break.

[deleted post]Get yourself KZ ZSN Pro X, I was surprised that they easily beat way more expensive earphones. And since they're cheap there's no reason to not try them.

  • Anonymous

imparanoic, 10 Oct 2021Actually while LG phones sound ok, not as good as Asus rog ... moreThat's no surprise considering that ASUS uses newer DAC audio compared to LG's flagship-grade smartphones. But it's still not far off.

  • Anonymous

Pls also cover higher tiers of IEMs-like

  • Saladien

KZ DQ6 ($25) are also really good, I bought them 6 months ago and they replaced my gaming headset.
It's also possible to turn those earbuds into bluetooth earbuds thanks to a few devices like the KZ AZ09 ($20)

So basically a way to get great bluetooth earbuds for only $45