The Apple Watch Series 7 goes on pre-order this Friday, will be available next Friday

04 October 2021
The smartwatches will be available in over 50 countries. You can trade in an old Apple watch to get a discount on the new one.

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waiting for it

18 hours battery life is the real bummer here.

  • Lilian

"redesign the UI"(did they really "redesign" it?), "with a glass that is better at resisting cracks"(the cheaper version which most are buying does not have any changes there) - media just regurgitating Apple press news, as always...

  • Anull

Apple should give us this new watch faces. especially, this series 7 own

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2021Bigger display is tempting, but I have AW5 and it's pe... moreThis i think is for those who come from 4 series or early

  • Anonymous

A god, 04 Oct 2021Beautiful Bigger display is tempting, but I have AW5 and it's perfectly good still. If you're buying AW today, of course you'll get AW7, but if you already have AW5 or AW6, you're good.