Apple iPhone 13 Pro's estimated component cost is $570

05 October 2021
This is a 4% increase compared to last year's iPhone 12 Pro with the same amount of storage.

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  • zonal

I have been using iphones since last 6 years, for me Apple is just another evil corporation. They make a new flagship at the cost of 300 USD maximum and sell for 1400+ USD. Now for me i am not asking for myself to give it to me for 400 just because i think i am entitled to it, but i am implying the fact that smartphones specifically an iphone is the biggest technological and marketing SCAM of all time that people have been falling for constantly. Also looking at the bare minimum shelf life of an iphone of just few months after which it becomes so called ‘obsolete’ in their terms just because they release a new version which is essentially the same with a slight (25% or so) faster processor dubbing as a new generation which again becomes obsolete in less than a year costs another 1400 dollars.
As i compared iphones to a new video game console which people become crybabies for if they are priced a little of 300 dollars new when released after 4 to 5 years from the previous generation which provided you with years of entertainment already, i concluded the fact that they cost essentially the same to manufacture an iphone and are an awesome piece of technology, has three times the amount of shelf life of a iphone. You might be wondering comparing a phone and a video game console is not a fair comparison, well i am comparing here the costs of a chipset, manufacturing, video chips and other components and the labour wages spent to manufacture a device in a period of time which is just a fraction of retail price of an iphone.
People will argue and say well do not buy an iphone then. Its doesn’t changes the fact that iphone is the biggest lie in retail price and marketing.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 07 Oct 2021So you have a sensor on your body? Take a picture of you... moreAghhh... You trying to crack Jokes to cover up for the embarrassing half baked implementation of portrait video mode on ios.
Just by giving it fancy name like cinemascope or Pro Motion, doesn't mean the feature is implemented properly.

I already enjoy natural depth of field. It's available only on phones from android manufacturers who actually spend more on high quality big sized sensors.
Your iPhone needs software implementation and fails terribly with depth of field.

ABC Media, 07 Oct 2021Yet another half baked gimmick. Another confirmation of th... moreSo you have a sensor on your body?

Take a picture of yourself and I will see.

iPhone's so called "tiny size" actually captures record amounts of light due to the f/1.5 aperture.

The natrual depth of field can be only acheived via full frame sensors, not smartphone sensors.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 06 Oct 2021And so portrait video on android is somehow NOT a gimmick? ... moreYet another half baked gimmick.
Another confirmation of the fact that " it doesn't just work"

I don't even need portrait mode in video.
My big sensor gives natural depth of field in video, something not possible on cheaply priced tiny sensor on iPhone.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Do not care about x or y company? So why did you say: "... moreI said that because what I simply meant was that the company is better yet gets no attention and not being sad for it or something.

And no if apple had good product u wouldn't see Al these haters bash apple constantly right? I'm pretty sure u know nothing about marketing. U see, marketing is a very very efficient way to advertise and trick people for example in my country infinix tecno oppo vivo all have heavy marketing. And since my country people are naive they think iphone is best since its most expensive. And the company marketing I listed they usually use celebrities on thier adds and make thier adds feel like its super good

So all in all apple uses marketing to milk money from costumers and that's why apple is so famous.

appleEcosystemsucks, 06 Oct 2021Your answer is better than mine! Apple copied android phone... moreIt's an old phone. A huawei p20 lite.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Apple CREATED ltpo. Literally owns it. And had ltpo on appl... moreOk but wherever tf u got thst source that's jsut biggest fat lie ever.

HaterzSuckkkkk, 06 Oct 2021If you can predict the future like that, how about you star... moreI never said i hate Apple, i dislike their OS and desicions.
If they were more like Android, maybe i would recommend it to more people.

GAMIRSFM, 05 Oct 2021See you in about 3 years when they implement Splitscreen ap... moreIf you can predict the future like that, how about you start making some serious cash winning lotteries and profiting off stocks instead of wasting ur time on an internet forum?

You somehow hate apple, yet somehow love samsung cuz it provides gimmicky dex and stuff while a xiaomi at $100 less provides better specs yet lacks those gimmicks.

Android--Master, 06 Oct 2021Cinematic mode is a gimmick right now, extremely poor imple... moreAnd so portrait video on android is somehow NOT a gimmick?

Cinematic mode isn't a gimmick, it's just not great right now.

But it's the best implementation from any company.

Show me sources that says that other companies do it better.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021You do know the company needs to make profit right, it coul... moreThat's what they make us believe. That the profit is not that much. "Problem" is, we look at the numbers and we see massive numbers in profit, certainly do not come from having $100 dollars profit in each phone. Maybe in the lower end like the SE's and 11's that are still on sale.

They had 39.6 billion revenue Q3 2021 from iPhone alone. They sold roughly 49.6 million iphones. Do the math. Doesn't seem with $100 profit/iphone they would get to almost 40 Billion revenue...even discounting everything.

Apple has a certain level of fixed costs in its product cost structures. Then there are variable costs like 5G components, new cameras etc but they keep the same design outside and even inside most of the components are the same, layout etc that means fixed costs, big savings.
Apple has optimized the manufacture for years and years, they are super efficient.
More, they keep the price of the iPhone fixed since the launch to the next iPhone but obviously the costs of some components go down through the year. That means even higher profits.
Believe me, they make much more than 100 in every iphone, specially in the Pro variants.

  • AnonF-1009694

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Do not care about x or y company? So why did you say: "... more*Good product = high demand*
Well what about the iPhone se, it was one of the best selling phone in 2020 do you think it was because it was a good phone?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Apple CREATED ltpo. Literally owns it. And had ltpo on apple watch. And 120hz on ipad for years.

Dudenoway, 06 Oct 2021*you do know the company needs to make profit right*. You d... more"You do know that there are many brands that are better than apple yet get barely any profit. "

Could be but not tech brands, if that would be the case, they would make all the profits not Apple.

Dudenoway, 06 Oct 2021It's the opposite. Andriod innovates and apple copy th... moreYour answer is better than mine! Apple copied android phones with LTPO screen and 120Hz refresh rate. What phone do you have?

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 06 Oct 2021What I exactly meant was that apple does not need that prof... moreDo not care about x or y company? So why did you say: "You do know that there are many brands that are better than apple yet get barely any profit."

Like i said. Very simple. Good product = high demand = company can sell higher = more profit. No magic, no trickery, no need for iFans, zombies or fairies, no need to even bundle or promo. You can throw millions into Ads, sure it improve your reach but if your product is bad.. who will buy??

Are you trying to say Apple should sell you cheap or bundle a few things together? Sure, they might.. PROVIDED some company is GOOD and strong enough to overcome their iPhone's hardware / software combination. Alas.. no android is good enough or up to the challenge.

expensive garbage!

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Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021600Hz nice joke 👏there were even 1200hz TV back when the 3D TV's come out with 3D glasses. What ever that hz meant for these screens