The new One UI 4.0 beta for the Galaxy S21 series reaches the UK

06 October 2021
Note that only unlocked phones can be enrolled into the beta program. Check the Samsung Members app for a notification.

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  • Hks
  • 10 Oct 2021

Every new update software. Accessing privacy and data and location. New updated not giving any option for deny data and privacy and to disable apps.
Some apps options are gone. They forcely Accessing location, file and media, etc.
Someone apps which are forcely installed and we can't uninstall also.
Advertisement increasing too much.

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    • mxr
    • 07 Oct 2021

    Installed last night (S21+ UK unlocked), no problems to report, and in all honesty other than the icons changing slightly in the control panel, there's very little difference. It's still OneUI. Don't fuss if you don't get the beta, you're not missing anything.

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      • IWU
      • 07 Oct 2021

      Does one ui 4.0 consume our internal storage by ram plus feature?
      Does our cache files for apps are stored in a long time in our phone internal memory (it's not good for privacy).
      How to disable virtual memory in our phones?.

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        • 07 Oct 2021

        Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021I dont have it and my phone is unlocked in UKWhy rely on this cheap free basement crash? Much better off buying , paying for Nova or other launchers and Roms for £20 each will give you much more options and feutres

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          • aXu
          • 06 Oct 2021

          nickname optional, 06 Oct 2021Luckily selling locked phones is not allowed in the EU. I dont have it and my phone is unlocked in UK

            Heheh. I will wait for the GM update. I love having the newest version first but I won't risk my data.

              chris1998, 06 Oct 2021Only available for unlocked phones... And this is one reaso... moreLuckily selling locked phones is not allowed in the EU.

                One UI by Oneplus is the best android skin ever and MUI by Xiaomi is second.
                But pure android experience like Nokia or Motorola have is the best.
                Nothing bad with samsung just a tons of useless obsolette aps which act as a mandatory and you cant delete them no matter what.
                Having Samsung brownser and google chrome at a same time in same device is pure nonsense.
                In this case is Google chrome way better.
                Same goes for apps like Samsung Health, Bixby etc.
                Many simmilar apps on android store for free to install and does same or better tricks than samsung apps dies.

                  Only available for unlocked phones... And this is one reason why I prefer to buy my phones unlocked from a retailer as opposed to going to a mobile phone provider