iOS 15 adoption still trails iOS 14 two weeks after release

07 October 2021
According to the research, the iOS 15 adoption is almost two time slower than that of iOS 14.

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JustSomeRandomGuy, 08 Oct 2021you must be on a whole new level of idiocy to download soft... moreWhat are you even blabbering on about? Too much cocaine? It's a hell of a drug, pal.

Highlander1978, 08 Oct 2021iphone users know very well there is new software. this is ... moreI've talked to several users who didn't know about the update. What some of you "smart" people fail to realize is that the general public doesn't keep up with all of this. You guys live in your own little nerd world.

  • zipislav

IOS 15 update is optional. Thats why adoption rate is low

  • bob

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Local CSAM scanning has not been implemented (yet).the image scanner system may not have been implemented yet that does not mean the code is not already there and waiting for some crafty russian/chinese hackers to make use of it. apple - we divulge your privacy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021CSAM has ruined Apple, well done TimLocal CSAM scanning has not been implemented (yet).

  • Anonymous

CSAM has ruined Apple, well done Tim

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021It's not full of "major" bugs. Major bug is ... moreprevious two versions i was loosing touch screen responsiveness, many times hitting the display for 10 times before it respond, wasn't able to make calls often, keyboard doesn't open, airpods and airpods pro most of the time do not connect even when i force them, etc. This is pretty major for me. With older versions the software was coming pretty flawless.

  • Anonymous

Highlander1978, 08 Oct 2021iphone users know very well there is new software. this is ... moreIt's not full of "major" bugs. Major bug is OS and/or apps hanging or crashing, phone randomly restarting etc. Safari having misaligned status bar is hardly a major issue.

Also you can't compare OS version that's basically at the end of its life cycle (iOS 14.x) with brand new OS (iOS 15) released 2 weeks ago.

Sure there are issues, but they are hardly "major".

Baldilocks73, 07 Oct 2021Has nothing to do with it. 1. Most iPhone users have the... moreiphone users know very well there is new software. this is not an excuse. apple spoiled the only thing they have above everyone else - flawless software. now even X.1 don't fix all bugs. current ios 14.8 have not a single bug, it works like a charm. why should i change it for ios15 full of major bugs??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021Nah that's actuality iOS with the Pegasus vulnerabilit... morePeople heard about Pegasus and now they are all security experts suddenly. Meanwhile people run Android Oreo and Pie in hundreds of millions, OS versions outdated by several years that hasn't received a single security update for ages and no one gives a damn about it. Software updates through GooglePlay only go as far and if they were so comprehensive no one would bother doing monthly security updates, yet they do. So, please, stop pretending Android is somehow just magically more secure because it's not. Especially not with its trash lazy software support by pretty much all phone makers.

  • Anonymous

They gave us the option to not upgrade to spyOS 15, so we didn't.

Now that Apple is scanning my photos and falling behind on security, I might as well just buy an Android phone and have better options.

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

Baldilocks73, 07 Oct 2021Imagine a phone where you can install virus laden software ... moreyou must be on a whole new level of idiocy to download software that can harm your computer/phone. it has to do with knowing what crap you ingest. better think before posting anything

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

because it's mostly the same with barely anything worth anyone's excitement. just watched Anthony's (from LTT) take on iOS 15 and from his own very nerdy, yet unbiassed assessment, it is VERY unpolished, contains a ton of bugs even for a "full release" software (not beta) and again, barely makes any difference at all in day to day use

it has its quirks but you ain't missing much if you didn't update

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021Nah that's actuality iOS with the Pegasus vulnerabilit... more"Also Android is harder to hack in general than iOS."
Source: your butt.

APPLE-FOREVER, 07 Oct 2021Come On Man!!! its a phone from 2013. Andriod phones not la... moreActually, Android phones last way longer if you don't really need to update to the latest OS. You can still update your apps after the 4 year period ends until like 10 years when google doesn't let you log on on a old Android version.
And did i mention that you can install custom ROMS?
I saw a Note9 running Android 11 with the same Samsung features because the customROM was a port from a Note10.

Anonymous , 07 Oct 2021Security from hackers my friend you see apple has a closed ... moreOh so you think is okay to live in a place where you can't even get to eat the specific food you want because is a risk of your security?
The more freedom the more control you have on something, those who want to be controlled by someone else can stick using limited devices.

  • Anonymous

MOMOHA, 07 Oct 2021Secure from the people who can easily hack an android with ... moreNah that's actuality iOS with the Pegasus vulnerability.
Also Android is harder to hack in general than iOS.

  • Anonymous

I'm not surprised. I'm still on iOS 14 with no intention to update until the bugs in iOS 15 are fixed and it's actually worth the update so in short I don't get less stability, performance and battery life from installing the new iOS version.

  • Anonymous

Satish, 07 Oct 2021I have iPhone 5s now I am not able to use this because of n... moreThere was a new security update for the iPhone 5s. I got it a few days ago. To be honest, I prefer iOS 12 to news iOS. It is more simple, less gimmicks.

APPLE-FOREVER, 07 Oct 2021Shit usually happens with Andriod more. Very few times with iOS. Okay... You happy now?
Do i miss somthing here... Is Apple the name of your girlfriend?
Are you more then 20 years old?