Weekly poll results: most people have a screen protector and a case on their phone

10 October 2021
Even though glass gets tougher and makers design more durable phones overall, having a case and a protector is still standard practice for most.

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ElioX, 15 Oct 2021If I can charge my laptop with a charger that was sold for ... moreAre you blind? Companies never would have dropped the price for not including accesories, the S7-S8 has this UTG adapter.
My Note9 from 2019 came with a case. But now they don't include any of that but the phone and the cable for the S21 in my region and guess how much does it cost?
More than before, yet the phone itself is basically a downgrade from the S20 in terms of build quality.

GAMIRSFM, 13 Oct 2021You would buy a computer that comes with no plug to charge ... moreIf I can charge my laptop with a charger that was sold for 15 years then I would be fine with it because THEY ALREADY SUBTRACT THE PRICE YOU GIVE FOR a FAST CHARGER IF THEY INCLUDED IN BOX!!!

For very #### people, here is and exemplary explanation:
- Samsung Galaxy S85 costs 1000$ withOUT fast charger
- The fast charger itself costs in a range of 20-110$ elsewhere (e.g. from Aukey)
- If they sold you Samsung Galaxy S85 with charger, they would sell a premium Samsung fast charger (with same Watt power as online ones) that starts at 150$ - so overall price would be 1150$.

Now, an #### would pay 1150$ to buy S21 with its own charger - but a clever person, would use his own previous charger or buy any range of charger online from 20-110.

The question is, are you #### or a clever person?

impinas, 13 Oct 2021No, I don't because I don't see any price reducti... moreI don't care you understand or not either. You just simply DONT SEE DIFFERENCE because nobody sells you the SAME PHONE WITH and WITHOUT a charger.


ElioX, 13 Oct 2021Those are LEGAL papers. They HAVE to ship those to everybod... moreYou would buy a computer that comes with no plug to charge it? (And i mean those barrell plugs that are mostly propietary.

ElioX, 13 Oct 2021You seem to NOT understand the logic. Look: - A phone cost... moreNo, I don't because I don't see any price reductions and nobody ever said it's done for reduced pricing but for environmental reasons. Because getting a separate charger in its own package and transportation is more environmentally friendly... apparently. Anyway I'm not talking about upper midrangers with prices like 649 euros, I'm talking about flagships that cost dearly and don't get you a fast charger, even though they advertise fast charging. I'm not gonna ask if YOU UNDERSTAND IT. Because I don't really care if you do :)

impinas, 12 Oct 2021But manufacturers keep boasting about their rediculous, fas... moreYou seem to NOT understand the logic. Look:
- A phone costs 649 euros. When they add a Google fabric case, it will cost 699 euros. Plus a charger, it will cost you more than 779 euros. And these are ALL from Google. Not from an amazon brand made in china.
Now, you open the box, and you decide to use a SLOWER charger. What do you do? Throw the adapter away? Put it aside? No. You lose money. You try to sell it. But it is second hand so you lose money either way.
Or you decide to use Otterbox instead of Google fabric case. What do you do? Same.

When a phone is shipped WITHOUT charger and case, you pay LESS for the phone. And you have OPTIONS to choose. You can buy a cheap 4,99 charger with 10W power and save your battery from losing its health after 2 years. Or you can have an extra charger ALREADY from the previous device that is STILL usable here. You SAVE money.

Now, DO YOU UNDERSTAND the logic?

GAMIRSFM, 10 Oct 2021May aswell ship the phone in a bag! Everyone throws the m... moreThose are LEGAL papers. They HAVE to ship those to everybody. You still can charge your phone by connecting type c to a laptop/PC. Don't need a charger. You can use your phone without headphones. You can use your phone without a case. And you CAN buy ANY case or charger that you like. The price of CHARGER and CASE is NOT included in the price of the phone. When you GET a charger and case, they MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT.

Legal papers are DEFINITELY a different story. Apples and oranges. Beware what you compare with what.

  • Aniki

actually screen protector are useless nowadays
the original screen is hardly break unless you drop from the side
so a bulky rugged case is more important than having a screen protector
agree with me if your screen protector always break and just leave it

ElioX, 10 Oct 2021By now everyone (over 25) has had at least 2 smartphones pu... moreBut manufacturers keep boasting about their rediculous, faster and faster, charging times. A feature that costs and you pay to have. My phone is now 42 months old. For my old charger to charge a new device with 4000-4500 mah, it would take around three hours or even four if it's a larger battery. So, where is the rediculous charging speed I paid for? Oops, I need to pay some more to have it...

When you need to donate a kidney to be able to buy a flagship these days, and you take really good care of it, but still the aluminum frame starts peeling because it is poorly constructed and the service team tells you "oh we dont cover that, it's not a fault, it's related to not taking good care of it", JUST GET A CASE :p

  • Anonymous

Pcworldjames, 10 Oct 2021using a phone case is poorThis is the sort of quality opinions one would expect from the likes of PC World.

That cheap transparent silicone case is actually a lot better than those cyborg looking tough cases that scratch the back of your phone.

jayDAWG, 11 Oct 2021Taking care of your phone does not prevent a child bumping ... moreyeah and maybe meteorite would hit you as you walk down the street.. if we look at all the risks.. then don't buy a phone.. maybe on your way out of the store a airplane is going to wipe you.. geez with all the details given.. then we don't need to live, maybe some child is going to shoot you with his father gun.. that's your point.. as i said clearly all depends on the owner, wish i can show you my 2 phones one never used protection and is 15 months old, the second barely when work.. but that doesn't matter, at the end i didn't said ''people shouldn't use protections'' i pointed on the previous guy who categorized people's into dumb, and not-dumb for the ones who use protection.. etc. i don't feel like explaining more

  • Anonymous

blue.sun, 11 Oct 2021I can't? Oh, really? I never had a screen protector o... moreYou must be that person who firmly believes that removing charger in the box are for environmental reason lol

  • AnonD-940827

blue.sun, 11 Oct 2021I can't? Oh, really? I never had a screen protector o... moreYou said in the box! Read your own words. The junk in the box is charger.

Viper, 10 Oct 2021depends on the owner and how is taking care of their phone.... moreTaking care of your phone does not prevent a child bumping into you causing you to drop your phone.

Taking care of your phone does not prevent you accidently tripping and falling down with your phone.

Taking care of your phone does not prevent a pet cat or dog from biting your phone.

If you don't care about resale value or has a lot of money for a new phone, then go ahead don't add protection to your phone. But for most people, a screen protector and case is highly recommended.

A Silicon case in box is a must, a screen guard is great to have as well. I have 3 USB C PD chargers and 2 older regular charger as well as a bunch of cables and converters.

  • Anonymous

Jerry101923, 10 Oct 2021 There was one company offering silicone case in some of th... moreMost brand did this, just buy some random midrange/low phone like redmi, realme, infinix, etc., chances are you get free transparent silicon case with plastic screen protector already applied. It's usually the more expensive one that doesn't get the bonus (heck, not even a charger lol), they simply want to capitalized on the accessories selling.

  • blue.sun

AnonD-940827, 10 Oct 2021You can't use the phone without the junk! They say the... moreI can't? Oh, really?
I never had a screen protector or a cover on my phone, so I really CAN use it without these.
I don't need a charger in every package, since I already have about five of them. I CAN use a phone without a charger in the box.
I certainly don't need crappy earphones, when there are hundreds of much better types. Really, no need for it. And all the unnecessary tonnes of paper could be removed as well.

  • Nonu

This shows how people trust their phone manufacturer