Weekly poll results: most people have a screen protector and a case on their phone

10 October 2021
Even though glass gets tougher and makers design more durable phones overall, having a case and a protector is still standard practice for most.

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  • Anonymous

With previous old flat phones i had always screen protector(when glass screen protectors came i switched to those) and used a case.

With new modern foldable Galaxy Fold i just use the case which came with the device and no screen protector.

Device is good as new :)

  • Anonymous

bolchert, 10 Oct 2021I like my phones as I like my women: naked. (;You sir have fine tastes in technology

I like my phones as I like my women: naked.


  • AnonD-940827

Viper, 10 Oct 2021depends on the owner and how is taking care of their phone.... moreDoesn't matter who you are, you aren't the only one. You could just the same say that you are allowed to drive without seat belts and at max speed of the vehicle, because you are in full control of your stuff.

I can bump in you on the street, while you are holding your phone. A bird can hit you while you are taking a photo with your phone.

Nice try, but extremely weak. You are obviously dumb enough to think you are alone.

[deleted post]depends on the owner and how is taking care of their phone.. So i'm one of your ''really dumb people'' that you categorized it.. but let me tell you, come in real and see my A71 which is 15 months old, never used screen protection, case nope also.. and if you find one scratch i'll give it to you for free, also i have older A3 2017 for work, and never used screen protection, case only when in work since i do heavy duty work, while out of work never use case cuz is making it big and more thick to fit in pocket, there's not even one single scratch.. so don't categorize the people on ''dumb'' and ''non-dumb'' it all depends on the persona and how is taking care of their phones

  • FaHyd

i remeber when buy my LG G2 back on 2014 he already came with preinstalled glass screen protector - wich i know nothing until installing one above it...and when removing one...the two came apart.

Never used case and neither screen protector, i want to use a device how it’s meant to and also see and feel the design. Also i don’t want to make my device bigger.

AnonD-994853, 10 Oct 2021Phone packaging should be complete = 1. Phone 2. Charge... moreBy now everyone (over 25) has had at least 2 smartphones purchased. And this isn't including people who buy a new version of a phone every 2 years. This means at least there is 2 extra chargers that came in a box.

Secondly, which charger to put? High power 30-60W that will decrease your battery health very fast? Or 10-20W that will give longer charging time but better battery health over time? This is user's own decision what to choose and they subtract the price of charger when they send you a phone with charger. So, if you already have charger, you don't buy an extra one. If you want to use another charger than that was included, you don't pay extra for the charger that you don't need. And every charger that a user doesn't need, ends up being an electric waste.

Same goes for headphones and cases. Every person has their own likes. If a person doesn't like the case, that also ends up being thrown away or held in some place with other useless stuff.

The chinese brands that do not have mainstram purchase places (like Realme and etc) include a fast charger and a silicone case because they know people will have nowhere else to buy them. But if you are a mainstream brand like Apple. Samsung, Google and etc, buyers can reach out to get access to the required stuff. So they can omit them from box and save buyer some money.

That is why the box has to include followings:

That is it. Anything else is just a prize.

  • Anonymous

nickname optional, 10 Oct 2021This pole is very accurate. I barely see people using smart... moreIndeed this poll is actual reflection of real world scenario. Never or very rarely do I see anyone using a phone without a case on. Everyone uses cases apparently. Also a screen protector

  • Wolf in the woods

I said it all along. Phone manufacturers WANT you to break your phone!

Why have glass back when people put a case on it, why not plastic back and people will still put a personalised case on it or can go without. Plastic finish doesn't have to be cheap, there are some top quality plastic finishes.

Why have glass screen when people put screen protector on it. Why not plastic screen and people can have a glass screen protector if they want glass feel or plastic screen protector if they happy just protecting.

I say it again. Phone manufacturers WANT you to break your phone!

travis999, 10 Oct 2021Nonsense, as many of your poll results are. Going by what ... moreThis pole is very accurate. I barely see people using smartphones, without some kind of protection (case, book style, bumper).
With the generic look that all the smartphones have these days (glass sandwich), this is also a way to customize your phone, a bit.

I have a case for when I go to the gym, or anywhere I feel my device may be in danger of getting dropped. But mostly I just use it without a case or screen protector. I have AppleCare so even if I destroy my smartphone it's a minimal fee to get it fixed or replaced.

  • Anonymous

As long as the right to repair isn't fully implemented, i always put on case and tempered glass. It's just precaution, nobody wants their phone accidently drops from bed and shatter its back on tile floor.

There was one company offering silicone case in some of their last phones' retail package: LG.

But no one has even mentioned their efforts

My Realme GT Master Edition comes with pre-installed screen guard applied on the screen. I haven't purchased any temper glass because for Realme GT Master is hard to find for suitable.

While, for the softcase, I use thin soft case purchased online. The softcase comes in the box also I used for first time but since 2 weeks ago I use another softcase.

Nonsense, as many of your poll results are.
Going by what I see around me in my life, its a small minority who bother with a case and if phone has a plastic screen protector, many folk just get a new phone when it's badly worn, very few try to fit a protector themselves.
A lot depends on who's phone it is, those who buy their phones outright tend to look after them better than those on contract.
And some insurance firms insist on a case etc if the phone is a pricey top end device..
Me, I just don't bother anymore, even the old metal box type case can only protect up to a point, the fatal accidents my phones have had would not have saved them, even in metal case.

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021I wish phones did not require a case and an additional glas... moreWhat, turning a tiny small, light device into what?
Most phones weigh less than 8 ounces, sorry, but if you have problems handling such a small weight, you need a doctor, do you use a straw for drinks ?
Seeing as even a small cup of coffee etc weighs far more.

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021I wish phones did not require a case and an additional glas... morePlus takes away the good looks the phone has. Hopefully in near future not too far. We will have 3310 phones as common.

  • AlienKiss

Privacy tempered glass for the display is awesome! People near you will see your display totally black if they're not viewing from the right angle. It is also very resistant and sturdy.
Glass: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Samsung+privacy+glass+tempered&ref=nb_sb_noss
My Samsung mirror flip case just broke after 3 years of daily use, so I'll order a new one. It has saved my phone so many times! And you can use it for watching movies without having to hold on to the phone.
Case: https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Samsung-Clear-Standing-Galaxy/dp/B01MTG9BHO

  • Glass hater

Just don't make a phone like a piece of jewelry. I would happily buy a rugged Phone whether plastic or rubber is used. Not including chargers is alright. The problem is rugged phones have really bad specs.