Weekly poll results: most people have a screen protector and a case on their phone

10 October 2021
Even though glass gets tougher and makers design more durable phones overall, having a case and a protector is still standard practice for most.

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using a phone case is poor

1. Case is a must,
Reason: Phone is bulky and heavier but book case can be used as wallet, Phone is not lippery in hands, protects from accidents and keeps your phone feeling fresh without need to go to repair centre every week or so if something bad happens.
In case of bumpers or sillicone case even a screen protoector is a must but this doesnt works for pockets where screen protector can get damaged everytime you pin in and from pockets your phone.
Also book case works a lot better than most screen protectors or Gorrila Glass on front and back of the phone is a way cheaper last way longer and swaping is easy and cost few bucks. Compared to that major repair on a flagship grade device could cost 300 to 700 bucks on folding devices even more.

2. Screen protector is a must.
Reason: It not only protects prom smudges and finger prints but also accidental drops.
Especialy curved screens are far more fragile than flat screens. It also does a lot better job than Gorrila Glass or Victus and is a way cheaper.
Swaping broken screen protector cost from 1 to 50 eur depends on type of screen protector and vendor uin case like alliexpress or Wish site it can cost even less but does same job up to a panzer glass which in my country here in Slovakia for certain phones cost around 50 eur.
ISo it does better job than expensive gorrila glass or Victus cost way less and is easy to install and use.

3. Both Book case and good screen is a must. It last much longer and together they are far more durable than most flagships without them.
Buying 1000+ eur phone without a case and a screen protector should be prohibited because nowdays people are clumsy and accidents happens.
As noone go outside of house naked same should be for the phone.

Also nowdyas every phone can withstand some small rain and case with a screen protector covering theses too because IPXX resistance is just useless expensive gimmick not worth to have unless a company includes water damage to its warranty.
So a good case can protects from water damage too.

Having a case is not a shame it could be worn as a status symbol like many people bzuying expensive brands or devices. Branded cases also looks great such as Guess or Karl Lagerfeld brand and many else.
Only a lazy peope find openning and closing book case as a too much work for nothing when they need use their device. We others can use it as a wallet.

oh wowowow i had no idea this was the "case". people like to take precautions

  • Jaya

Smartphones are expensive, that's why we put screen protector and case.

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021I wish phones did not require a case and an additional glas... moreYeah heavier and bigger and much mre easy to destroy.
No thanks.
Keep accidentaly dropping your phone and fixing in repair centre every week or month.
Not my case i have my book case which works as a wallet and i have my screen protector too just in case something happens.
I dont understand peple like you who doesnt care for their products.

  • Anonymous

I wish phones did not require a case and an additional glass for top of screen as it makes phone heavier and bigger

"See? Including a case in the retail package is green."
Doubt, especially if user wanted to have certain case that attuned to their aesthetic preference, taste and needs. Not to mention that the poll is ran on a geek IT site, assuming everyone is okay with bare transparent silicon case is just a generalization.

so it is useless a smartphone with victus, ceramic and metal body? all prefer use case and protector for front glass.

Phone packaging should be complete =

1. Phone
2. Chargers and cables
3. Earphones and dongles
4. Warranty card
5. Clear case
6. Pre installed screen protector

Also, front glass for any £800+ phones should be Gorilla Glass Victus

just make sure include Charger and USB C Cable