Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy unit appears in hands-on shots

08 October 2021
Or is it the Galaxy Note22 Ultra?

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  • 08 Oct 2021

AnonD-1018330, 08 Oct 2021Oh God, they're keeping that camera design?I also don't understand why. For me S21 design (camera bump) is the best Samsung have made, but if they will go for this new design - I don't understand what's happening in their heads.

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    • 08 Oct 2021

    What a terrible color.

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      • 08 Oct 2021

      Oh God, they're keeping that camera design?

        other sites and leaksters have said there will be no more note. the S22 Ultra will be the top, and have a pencil with it.

          Well... at least i hope that P shaped camera is nice looking by the time it gets announced/leaked.
          Because so far... it looks bad.