Google's Pixel Stand leaks in full, including pricing

11 October 2021
It will have two charging coils and support up to 23W fast charging.

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Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021It is strange that wireless is pushed so much before it... moreAfter all, people prefer styling and modern decoration over the actual point. What can you and I say? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ makes a charger that's based on recycled good (ie used) and what to charge a premium for something readily comparable readily available for almost 3 times as much? Didn't know veryone wanted to get on the Apple/Samsung wagon for pricing. This should be something that should be given out to early adopters of the Pixel. With so many phones out and new ones around the corner, Google needs to make more appealing.

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      • AnonD-731363
      • SH3
      • 13 Oct 2021

      Looks promising but costly.
      Many wireless chargers does same job for much less price no need to have branded one.

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        • wlosu
        • MVQ
        • 13 Oct 2021

        Hey Google. Instead of bragging recyclable materials how about making battery replacement easier (and available) and extending the update period?

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          • King Skip
          • kvx
          • 13 Oct 2021

          Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021That's one ugly looking chargerI was just saying the same thing. Just hideous. 😂😂😂

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            • Lyautey
            • DQH
            • 13 Oct 2021

            An option for the wireless chargin of Pixel Buds? Hmm I guess it's for retrocompatibility with the Pixel Buds 2, but the Buds 2 A-Series don't have wireless charging, so maybe some new wireless charging Buds coming?

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              • Anonymous
              • jtm
              • 12 Oct 2021

              That's one ugly looking charger

                Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021This design allows the device to be vertical or horizontal.... moreWired charger allows me to move my mobile into any direction.

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                  • ROM
                  • XDv
                  • 12 Oct 2021

                  I thought it was a iron for ironing clothes xD

                    I hate that all of the new faster wireless chargers are stand models. I want one that is flat on the table.

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                      • Iklidik
                      • wYE
                      • 12 Oct 2021

                      I thought that it was a flat iron wahahaha

                        This looks horrible. Like something that belongs in a hospital. Remember those Samsung wireless chargers that were announced alongside the Galaxy S6? Those were actually well designed and had neat lighting features. I don't think I've seen anything that nice since then even from Samsung...

                          Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Never understood the purpose of wireless charging. Wired... moreI agree 100%. A totally inefficient charging method that wastes power for the only purpose of making a product "cool".

                            Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Never understood the purpose of wireless charging. Wired... moreId have to add that i only got the wireless charger as a freebie and i initially thought it useless too until i saw it can be useful too. I wouldnt get it though if i have to pay for it.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • jMx
                              • 11 Oct 2021

                              forhad-61, 11 Oct 2021I don't understand this wired purpose either. The wire... moreIt is strange that wireless is pushed so much before it's really ready to change quickly with a low amount of heat.

                              Otherwise, wired makes much more sense because it takes far less time to complete when compared to wireless.

                                Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Never understood the purpose of wireless charging. Wired... morei use a wireless charger to charge my iphone and airpod, and my android phones and my buds. For me it is quite convenient, i put it in my desk and not worry about the cables i need, although yes, it is still connected to a cable. Can i live without it, yes definitely, but it does make my desk a little beat neater.

                                If i have any complaint about it, its the speed of the charging. Even if you buy the fastest wireless charger, if your phone doesnt support the maximum charge speed, then its worthless.

                                  Anonymous, 11 Oct 2021Never understood the purpose of wireless charging. Wired... moreI don't understand this wired purpose either. The wireless charager itself is ultimately wired. And why you don't have that time to plug the cable, whereas you have enough time to put it in the dock? Lel.

                                  Also, you are not dancing with the phone(usually) while it's charging. Then why you have to keep it wireless?

                                  Modern world needs more fancy $tu91d stuffs :)

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • nYE
                                    • 11 Oct 2021

                                    Never understood the purpose of wireless charging.

                                    Wired charging: plugs in a cable, the cable stays in the you tilt the phone and charging goes faster.

                                    Wireless charging: easily put a phone on a charger, that is hooked up with a cable and takes more space in than just a cable, the faster you charge the more heat you generate, inefficient charging vs the cable, certain chargers even need active cooling and when you tilt the phone it stops charging.

                                    And all this just because plugging in a cable is "too much hassle"

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                                      • 11 Oct 2021

                                      yoooo, 11 Oct 2021Iron?Haha looks like ironbox

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                                        • 11 Oct 2021