The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can track your posture and heart rate, offer different ANC modes

11 October 2021
These buds are designed to track and protect your health. They will be fully unveiled tomorrow.

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Ivo., 12 Oct 2021Nobody cares about ANC, the question is how do they sound? ... moreNeither. I'm guessing, at best this comes in between or else below both of them. Definitely won't be comparable to Bose QC series.

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    • Ivo.
    • jMx
    • 12 Oct 2021

    Nobody cares about ANC, the question is how do they sound? Do they sound great like Bose, or crappy like Apple AirPods?

      what, imma paying $$$ to get another device to lecture me when lazying around?

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        • Anonymous
        • nYE
        • 11 Oct 2021

        Stopped reading when I saw the price.

          Marketing at his best :
          « Using 6 microphones »

          Yeah, but for the 2 buds ... So, 3 per buds, which is kinda standard as for now. (I think that some goes to 4 mic but I can't remember the brand)

          My guess price ? 119 EUR considering the competition :p

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            • t4n
            • 11 Oct 2021

            So it does everything except producing sound. Good.

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              • AnonD-807890
              • 6sE
              • 11 Oct 2021

              Eh, just using the accelerometer to gauge posture. You can fool it by laying in bed and resting your head against the headboard, which is bad for your posture.