A new Sony Xperia phone will be announced on October 26

12 October 2021
That's two weeks from now and the rumor mill hadn't even heard a peep about it. What is this mysterious phone that Sony successfuly kept under wraps?

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  • Karabey

Team Compact, 19 Oct 2021My XZ2 Compact is forced to die with the 5G transition, hop... moreİt may be battery died. No one can force anything. You wrong. I ve got older sıny still works.

  • Jakub

well it really suck they don't listen to community, instead of compact one hand phone they made flagship that Noone would buy, even with best hw they lack at sw side so sales would suck

  • Jay

1. A power audio phone. Something like the Sony Walkman, with quad dac with even using ess or cirrus chip.
2. A super compact phone. 5.5 or even 5", but with power cameras, other decent specs for everyday normal usage
3. A Sony tablet!

  • Stephane

Better than my Xperia 1 III? Why Not...
Xperia Play 2 , a dream...

  • DoObie20

Something affordable.. Low and Mid Range.. Please.

  • Team Compact

My XZ2 Compact is forced to die with the 5G transition, hoping its a true compact not some 6" compact....

  • K.O.D

Saad, 18 Oct 2021Announced: October 26, 2021 Available: May 18, 2022 🤦🏻‍♂️Well that is if you're living in the jungle...

Really hoping for a successor to the Z Ultra. Even though I already went with the 1 III this year.

  • Saad

Announced: October 26, 2021
Available: May 18, 2022


  • Damo1973

I wish Sony would make a phone with a stylus to take on the Galaxy Note series.

  • Lilja

Daige, 18 Oct 2021And yet, there are several phones that are smaller than 5 I... moreAnd I really hope this new one will be somewhere between z5 and xz2.

LOL, 14 Oct 2021Xperia 5ii is the most 'compact' you can hope for... moreAnd yet, there are several phones that are smaller than 5 III. So no, it's not as compact as it can get. There are facts and specs to prove it.

I'm betting it's a new compact phone. Parts of the world has screamed for a new compact for a long time now, and releasing such a phone now would be reason enough to make it a big event like this. Let's just say I called it at the moment I saw this post, one week ago. In 8 days, we'll know for sure.

  • Mariana

I hope I can get legit Sony phones in the Philippines.
I want a bigger smart fon so it will be easy to hold and won't slip in your hand.

  • Anonymous

Well come!

  • Chipego5

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021Yea,so excited Sony 1iii PRO 18gb ram 5000mah Nvme ... moreNeed this Sony phone

Tablet, wearable, laptop? Xperia now is more like Vaio. Surely will be amazing to have these...

Admins, don't be trolls and let comments be! Enjoying manipulation?

  • Reds

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021I saw a post from a somewhat credible leaker that there... moreYup, I saw that too on tweeter... Aparantly I don't know if Sony is going to announce a new phone tho, I mean it would kill the 1 iii

  • Anonymous

Yea,so excited

Sony 1iii PRO

18gb ram
Nvme SSD
SD card
3.5 jack
Xenon flash
8k 60fps
Sapphire front glass
Ceramic glass back
8x 5g antennas
Dual standby 5g
Sony 1inch sensor

  • 8

They need a food budget phone while the L4 is it can be better.