Exclusive: Realme to bring a 125W charging phone, ultra-premium flagship next year

13 October 2021
Realme's 125W charging tech can fill a 4,000mAh battery from flat to 33% in three minutes.

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  • Swifties

I was waiting for the so called camera flagship or something they hyped up earlier this year. Either they already released it but it sucks or it got shelved. Either way, I'm gonna keep my expectation low...

Faster charging is no longer innovative. USB-PD will soon support 240W.

  • Anonymous

Ultra Premium from Realme?

I expect a rebranded OP9 with SD898.
Nothing more.

  • Anonymous

"ultra premium flagship"

includes a 2mp depth sensor, lmao

  • Anonymous

De Bruyne, 13 Oct 2021I think it's a 200w and 6000mah we needNah fam we need 6000 mah with 6000 watts charging so just to turn the switch on and then off, there you go, charged 🙂

Idk abt other specs but 2MP macro cam will be there in their ULTRA PREMIUM FLAGSHIP (another cringe name)

I think it's a 200w and 6000mah we need

  • Anonymous

I don't know what 5G has to do with charging, lol. All I know is that 125w charging is fast.

  • Quirktech

Atleast they are giving charger in the box.

bet you 100 bucks they are gonna print "Ultradart" on that back of the damn thing, and the wallpaper is gonna be some cyberpunk looking thing