Weekly poll: the Realme GT Neo2 upgraded to a better chipset, screen and battery, who wants one?

17 October 2021
The Snapdragon 870 replaces the Dimensity 1200, the larger 120Hz OLED display flaunts HDR10+ support.

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Snipnoob, 17 Oct 2021If you are not a Fanboy Qualcomm will not notice any differ... moreYeah, love that raytracing on my d1200 phone! Genshin with raytracing on it is so much better!

poco f3 is already cheap now, has an IR blaster and an IP rating. Realme gt should be at the price of the poco f3 now.

  • Anonymous

Cut copy paste brand launching more or less the same phone with different names every week

  • iphone13

Realme GT Neo 2 is for sale now for $380....so i bought one. no regret. using tmobile signal capture all the 5G signals. very fast.

  • Anonymous

Nah another copy paste Realme

depend on Local price, really.

  • Anonymous

Guess im getting the GT that has 3.5mm jack & not this one.

If you hold this in your hand, would it feel like top O The Class quality or mediocre?
Overheating is also a problem. Imagine a phone with no over heating problem, what didn't even get warm at hours of 3D gaming.

  • elmarcello

Guys, I'm just perfectly fine with Mediatek chipsets, both performance and pricewise, I would also appreciate 3,5 jack too. Just could hardly find reason to want Neo2 for that price. And I would be happy, if we could have GT Neo globally, would just fit so fine. Q3 Pro is quite adorable to my mind too, pity not much available in global version, it lacks therefore NFC.

  • JimmyTheGreatest

Given China's human rights record, it's difficult for Swedes/Europeans to trust all those compulsory, obnoxious and intrusive Chinese apps that cannot be removed from an otherwise interesting smartphone! Wouldn't it be nice if Mr Madhav Sheth did something about it...

How about a global ROM for EU without Chinese apps?

If you are not a Fanboy Qualcomm will not notice any difference in the actual use of this smartphone to the other with Dimensity 1200, both are great and Realme GT neo normal still has dual band 5G Support Ray tracing implemented by Mediatek on the GPU Mali G77 MC9, even the Adreno 660 being slightly superior in fps performance

L.O.R.D, 17 Oct 2021It's just another phone and packs nothing special. The... moreI agree

  • bob

too big, other cmos' too weak an no 3.5mm, so it's a big - no thanks.

  • Nick

5G band support is bad.

It's just another phone and packs nothing special. The frame is cheap plastic and the buttons are plastic and nothing else out of the ordinary. It is just another brick in the wall. It does look good though with that green paint finish

No headphone jack, no micro = trash. I wouldn't wipe my butt with this BS

Nope. Too big and ugly. Bad naming will probably hurt its sales too. Eventually the chipset is also power hungry.

  • Anonymous

Got the X7MAX with 12-256GB for way less and it's honestly very good & quite comparable considering this idiotic "upgrade" going by the Neo2 moniker is anything but a sidegrade given the price-hike. Only thing I'd like is that they optimise their rubbish hrr management or bring this 30-60-90-120 variable settings to the x7max or simply give us the option to choose which apps run at what rr.
Honestly these bi-annual (or even more frequent I think) releases literally make no sense whatsoever especially when they hike the price as well

  • Hmmm

No, because pretty sure there will be GT Neo3 or GT2 in a couple of months time looking at how often Realme launch replacement models...

  • Anon

I want it for free, of course but if I have to pay for it then no.
I don't want to pay for 2MP macro and only 8MP ultra wide.