T-Mobile announces free OnePlus 9 deal when you add a line

16 October 2021
The carrier will offer this promotion through the end of the year.

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No doubt one plus is best company
All of its product's are so good
Fast in working
A very awesome product's in affordable prices
Quality of its mobile cameras is outstanding
There is no other match of it

  • Magnificent Suleiman

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021What does it mean to "add a line"?Add a new phone line/plan to your name. For a second phone, a relative, GF/BF, etc.

  • Anonymous

What does it mean to "add a line"?

Currently have the 9 5G on T-Mobile, like it quite a bit. Especially the finger scanner. Wouldn’t ever pay full price for it though.

  • Anonymous

"The OnePlus 9 is available from T-Mobile for $ 729 while the OnePlus 9 Pro will run for $1068 from the carrier. Each one supports Warp Charge 30T, but the OnePlus 9 Pro supports Warp Charge 65 and Warp Charge Wireless 50 with the (not included) Warp Charge 50 Wireless Charger." Both support 65 warp charge wired... and both support wireless just one is 15w wireless and the pro is 50w wireless. FIX

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021No OIS No one cares its still fast and good. Its stock android no bloatware or random bs apps that you cant delete. Like facebook or any other app that isnt the brand apps that are neccesary or optional.

Theres other androids like this too.

  • Anonymous