Oppo K9 Pro will get a new color variant on October 20

16 October 2021
Oppo will also introduce the K9s next Wednesday.

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  • Zengazele

Only kirin, snapdragon or exynos

  • Nick

There is no benifit to having like big display

  • hmm

I dont get these color versions added later when the phone is already out. Like these people who bought the phone would then switch it for better color they didnt get on release. Never mind that changing color is easy. Either buy a wrap for your phone or a case

New color, I go sleep again.
It's really poor when they "release" news about a new color... Cmon

  • Curious

What is the purpose of such a big camera island? The empty space between the cameras and 'K9 Pro' branding just make the phone look ungainly.

  • KiLo

Lulfie, 16 Oct 2021poco m3For sure, as OPPO/Realme are a "wannabe" company, they neves to copy something, and Xiaomi are the target.

  • Anonymous

poco k9 pro xd

poco m3

  • oknow

this camera bump looks better than the pixel's enven if it's bigger