Interview: Realme VP Madhav Sheth talks Wear OS watches, foldables, and GT lineup's success

17 October 2021
Sheth also gave us a time frame for the commercialization of Realme's 125W UltraDart charging.

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  • Yash

We need compact phone from realme, no company is giving compact phones, there are but they are expensive, but most of the people like compact phone, and waiting for compact phone, please do a favour for us and give us compact phone.

  • Anonymous

Oh come on! Not this guys again! I wonder if he does more harm to Realme than good by appearing on these so-called interviews :/

  • My 2 cents

Domestoboto, 17 Oct 20211. It's not as severe as on Xiaomi phones, I can tell ... more1. I just finished reading the review of Realme 8s 5G. The amount of bloatware pre-installed in the phone is too long to list here, so I suggest you also read about it in the Software section. Some of those apps I have never even heard of and certainly can't be found pre-installed on my Redmi Note 8 and Mi 9T, so not sure why you said Realme has less bloatware.

1.5. The "install recommended apps" can be disabled in the app settings without needing to use ADB tools. Fun fact: Samsung also doing the same thing in my A52 under 'appcloud' and once disabled it never bothers me again.

2. I think you also missed the point that Realme under the huge BBK group is enjoying much better economies of scale than any other Chinese brands. Realme saves on hardware cost but seems like the saving is not passed down directly to buyers because prices kept increasing despite some replacement models actually have inferior hardware i.e. from Realme 7 Pro to 8 Pro and Realme 7 5G to 8 5G.

3. Maybe you can give source where is the USD 150 price hike for Mi 11T Pro because as far as I know it's not for every country. In Malaysia, the price hike for both Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro is USD 24.

  • Bob

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021Bob, answer is "sales". Let's suppose y... moreYeah, I guess you're right... A friend of mine told me: "Of course I want a small phone, but what I need is a big screen." And I absolutely understand him. It seems for me the sweet spot of how tall a phone should be is somewhere around 140-145mm, like my old moto g3. I guess it's quite compact by today's standards, but I wouldn't want to go much smaller.

Crap brand that only focus on selling "new" phones every 6 months with no updates.
Only good for kids who get their parents to buy their phones every 6 months.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021Bob, answer is "sales". Let's suppose y... moreTrue. Compact phones can't be bigger than 150 mm. Around 140 is the spot given all that tech that they must pack in

  • Anonymous

Bob, 17 Oct 2021It's still a mystery to me how come most phone makers ... moreBob, answer is "sales".

Let's suppose you found a company that makes smartphones. You have 3 models, all are equal specs except screen size and battery capacity.

A Pro = 6,6"
A = 6,0"
A Mini = 5"

Let's imagine A Pro counts for 57% of sales, A counts 35% and A Mini 8%.
Next year, the second generation sales proportion are : A2 Pro 55%, A2 40% and A2 Mini 5%.

Then you have zero reason to keep making the Mini because sales are very low compared to larger models. Mini is much harder to make. Sales are not enough to keep them.
This is exactly what happened to Xperia Compact, now is happening to iphone mini.

People should stop calling phones with almost 15cm as compact.
Zen8 is not compact, nor S20.
Not even s7 was compact, how could s20 be?

  • Bob

Dometalican, 17 Oct 2021Ever look into the Zenfone 8 by any chance? It's eithe... moreThank you, I guess Zenfone would have been my first choice but people say it heats up, even when not under load. Pixel 4a was another interesting one: it's not waterproof but it has 3.5 jack, nice screen, great camera and it's even "cheap", sort of, but sadly it became available here where I am living only just now.
Anyway, I'm still quite optimistic - I guess the "niche" for compact phones is about 30 percent (?) of the market, so probably Zenfone 8 isn't the last one... Cheers!

My 2 cents, 17 Oct 2021Just one question: Have you seen the bloatware in Realme be... more1. It's not as severe as on Xiaomi phones, I can tell you that much. Obviously, on the tier one devices like Mi 11 there's not a ton outside the usual suspects of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, but it's comically bad on the cheaper phones, to the point that they have been repeatedly shamed into "fixing" it on their 250+ USD devices.

1.5. Philippines-sold Xiaomi phones have a ton of bloatware. Lazada, FB, Messenger, Opera, the works. Also, Beebom did a video setting up a new Mi 11 Ultra and Redmi Note 10, and the 11 Ultra STILL recommended that the user "install recommended apps" just like the cheaper device! And the ads have to be disabled at the ADB level, simply disabling in settings won't cut it.

2. You missed the point. Xiaomi sells scooters, rice cookers, microwaves, gaming laptops, Google Home devices, water fountains, umbrellas and bags (under the MIJIA sub-brand), and even Samsonite luggage alternatives. Realme sells what? A toothbrush and batteries? Clearly, they were inspired by the Xiaomi playbook in diversifying stuff.

3. You can't ignore Xiaomi's price hike with your last question. The 11T-series is a good $150+ more expensive than the 10T. The price creep IS getting to them as well.

  • My 2 cents

Domestoboto, 17 Oct 2021Xiaomi can still keep their phones "cheap" throug... moreJust one question: Have you seen the bloatware in Realme before saying Xiaomi phones are preloaded with bloatware? I reckon you haven't because otherwise you will realise Realme phones pack as much bloatware as Redmi phones nowadays.

Ads on Xiaomi phones are region-specific and as said many times here by other commenters can be disabled. Beside that, as user of Mi 9T and Redmi Note 8 in Malaysia, I can say I have never seen ads on my phones. Regarding diverse portfolio, again have you seen what Realme are selling nowadays? Realme is even selling toothbrush and AAA alkaline batteries here in Malaysia. Xiaomi doesn't even sell batteries lmao.

So, can you think of other excuse why Realme keep increasing in price?

zillion, 17 Oct 2021 Realme like one plus from the beginning launch. Affordable... moreXiaomi can still keep their phones "cheap" through scummy software practices (preloaded bloatware, ads in system apps) and selling anything and everything from bath towels to scooters and microwaves. Xiaomi has a ridiculously diverse portfolio of products where they can hike up the profit margins and keep the phone prices low.

Realme has NOT reached that point. They have only a handful of non-smartphone products. Also, have you seen the prices of the Mix 4, Mi 11 Ultra, and the Mi Fold?

  • AnonD-1014095

Useless pathetic, good for nothing, kick this p0ss out.
Learn from sony , samsung and how phones need features and hispecs.

Realme like one plus from the beginning launch. Affordable price and then start hiking till like the others. Realme 8 and pro for the examples. Xiaomi keeps their phone affordable from low to high end.

Man that guy is toxic. How about show some real innovation instead of just talking big. Even the name realme is copied from Redmi which are the copy of apple. Not that I am calling xiaomi pathetic they're great phones unlike that realme sh..t

  • Anonymous

We're yet to see realme phones featuring many lovely wallpapers of this guy

It's not an interview if the manufacturer writes both the questions and answers and emails them to GSMA. It's an ad.

Bob, 17 Oct 2021It's still a mystery to me how come most phone makers ... moreEver look into the Zenfone 8 by any chance? It's either that or even the Pixel 4a (if you could find one for cheap).

  • AnonD-977150

I liked the early Realme handsets just as they parted ways with Oppo now I don't really like them especially the horrible banding on the rear of some of these new ones makes them look so cheap and tacky.

125w charging is just gonna fk the batteries up with a short lifespan surely.

While Realme has no shortage of smartphones with excellent performance, it feels the company didn’t release an out-and-out camera phone flagship. The GT phones have no telephoto cameras, for example. Can we expect another Realme SuperZoom soon?

Camera innovation is one of the important priorities for us apart from performance, speed etc. This year, we launched Realme 8 Pro which is the first Realme smartphone to feature a 108MP Ultra Quad Camera with the world's first Starry Time-lapse Video, world’s first tilt-shift time-lapse video, 3x in-sensor zoom, giving users the best pixel quality and many other advanced features in the smartphone industry. We believe that a good camera just doesn't limit itself to hardware but also is an extension of software. Both complement each other. At the same time computer photography is currently one of the significant trends for mobile cameras. And yes, hardware is also equally important and we at Realme are planning something great, so stay tuned.

Notice how he avoided the question by not answering telephoto lens questions. They also said software is truly important, and that's true. But Realme's camera software isn't good, it is averagr

  • Anonymous

Bob, 17 Oct 2021It's still a mystery to me how come most phone makers ... moreThey don't make such phones anymore, and they won't, especially Android phone makers, as they're just selling by volumes and making as much profits they can. A small phone would be good for customers but not for them as a business because it wouldn't sell as good as other phones