Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro launch commercials leak hours before unveiling

16 October 2021
Google is clearly going to focus its ad campaign on offline Ai features and privacy.

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I love how in the video they use traditional chinese 對話 instead of the simplified 对话 that is used in the PRC. I wonder what that entails?

  • Anonymous

shahar, 17 Oct 2021Yeah, enjoy the Samsung Exynos worst chip 'designed by... moreThat's is the only problem with this phone and also the outdated historic 12MP wide angle camera which is from 2015.

  • Anonymous

OhNom, 16 Oct 2021So what you say is that it does not matter the ISP and any ... moreYes, the algorithms are the most important not ISP.

You can have the most advanced ISP but if it has poor algorithms it will suck bug time.

This could make me switch from iOS ro android.
Let's see how good it is.

  • shahar

Yeah, enjoy the Samsung Exynos worst chip 'designed by Google', what a joke!

  • Anonymous

hmm, 16 Oct 2021It wont rival Apple ever. It's really hard to rival Ap... morerival apple?
who wants to go backwards ? apple just introduced 120 screens dude which less than 200$ android phones been having for years. lol

  • gangsta

I don't known, why google just release the phone because its leaked in every perspective,

  • Anonymous

I'm surprising looking forward to these phones and to the Tensor chipset. Pixels look surprising refreshing this year. It appears as if they have gone for a complete new philosophy in design. Gone are the old and quirky looks with large bezels or notches. It still looks quirky but far more modern with a bezelless design. Hope the Tensor chip isn't a disaster with dual X2 and the 2 generations old mid cores. And I hope they've improved the battery life.

  • Anonymous

hmm, 16 Oct 2021It wont rival Apple ever. It's really hard to rival Ap... moreAt least you can actually own your Google phone.

Still hard to buy pixel phones from USA carriers.

  • Anonymous

Mr. Kroniks, 16 Oct 2021You'd better not to autoplay videos, GSMArena... Espec... moreAgreed. I was trying to sleep while I'm reading and then that came of.

I'm eager to get a Pixel 6 Pro and finally upgrade my Pixel 2. Google has to improve availability if they want to succeed, though.

  • Thabo

I know Google is trying to differentiate between the pixel 6 pro and the non pro model but those bezels for the non pro just don’t do it for me. Look at the S21 series from Samsung, the vanilla s21 has thinner bezels plus a telephoto lens too, which the pixel won’t have because it’s trying to be an affordable pixel 6

I honestly think Google got way more simple with this line up, I still see people buying the s22 vanilla more when it comes out over the pixel 6 because of the bezels and lack of the telephoto camera💔

Google flexing it's muscles6

Mediatek sux, 16 Oct 2021Looks like all those years of data collection finally paid off.🤣

hmm, 16 Oct 2021It wont rival Apple ever. It's really hard to rival Ap... moreyou are correct. It would take decades to for any company in the mobile industry to catch up to Apple in that regard. Microsoft/Nokia was the right path but we all know how that ship sunk 🙂. If anything Microsoft could have rivaled and offered competitiveness with Windows Mobile if they would have had a lifecycle to integrate it up the ranks to morph into Windows 11 today you could be running around with a DUO that dual boots or one that runs Android or Windows 11....shame to have seen them throw the towel in but it is ok in the end Apple is what it is and Android will never go away either.

Privacy and Google don't goes hand in hand... Worst Android spy out there is Google. They learned from the best... US government 💨

  • BigBong

hmm, 16 Oct 2021It wont rival Apple ever. It's really hard to rival Ap... moreNot true, Android is and will be Apple's rival for quite some time in future.
The main reason is pricing, there are some pricing point market which Apple is incapable of capturing.

Think about this, Apple isn't dominating the high-end market anyway. Samsung is selling well, OnePlus is growing at crazily fast pace, and Xiaomi growth in high-end market isn't something negligible. What I'm trying to say is, Apple might be sounding a lot better this year, but it doesn't mean dominating the market anyways.

Never judge others preference with your perception.

hmm, 16 Oct 2021It wont rival Apple ever. It's really hard to rival Ap... more"It's really hard to rival Apple in Android market"

Well, Huawei was starting to do that. But they were "conveniently" stopped by Tim and Potus.

"Also Pixel too expensive for middle class hardware."

That might be about to change. That's what i was saying. The hardware seems top notch. Plus, it's not only about the hardware, it's more about the software and the experience people get using it. Don't forget. In fact it's just what Apple always said.

"Also there are not a lot of people who care about stock android"

Stock android is more close to iOS than what you think, in the perspective of it's simplicity, intuitiveness etc like Apple says "it just works, reliable". Google is doing just that with stock pure clean safe Android. It might get there, to iOS levels. A lot of people love the stock and clean look with a little personalization bonus here and there.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021Dumb, you don't need shit for doing anything related t... moreNope lol