OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition unveiled

18 October 2021
Early access sales start on October 20 in India.

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  • Anonymous

The price is too much according in the country like India

There is no such thing like 'vegan leather'. Leather is leather and this thing is... whatever it is but not leather.

  • Anonymous

Remove the watchface and it looks like a regular smart watch...

So why India only again? If it ain't China only now it's India only, US and EU don't exist for such stuff I assume?

  • Hello

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021OnePlus needs to disappear from the market asaphahahaha, I feel you bro. Its credibility has lost!

Not that much attractive, nothing innovative...!!!

They are trying way too hard with this thing

  • Anonymous

what does it do really? can it get rid of fools driver from the road? can it clear the traffic jam? can it make the car fly? can it get rid of covid19? it suppose to be magic watch from parallel universe, it suppose to function as magic interface for normal people who doesnt have the magic capabilities

  • Anonymous

Tbh not a HP fan myself, but think the brown leather and copper case looks quite smart and classic.

This will annoy the alphabet people and I don't mean Google

Anything can be sold in the market nowadays seriously 😂😂

  • Magnificent Suleiman

15 years late BBK. 15 years late...

  • Anonymous

OnePlus needs to disappear from the market asap

  • Anonymous

The hardcore HP fans that I know (the kinda to put money into this kind of fluff) either use Apple watches, other branded stuff or don't even keep a watch for daily use.

Other than a very very small niche segment, no one in their right mind is going to buy a "OnePlus Harry Potter" watch no matter how hardcore a HP fan she/he may be. This looks like a stupid idea to target a fanbase with an unrelated product TBH.
BBK might as well start making OnePlus James Bone sippy cups because that's just as bright as a HP 1+ watch.

  • Anonymous

They ruined the original Hedwig's Theme (background music). The only thing that shows it is a Harry Potter edition is the box and the charging animation. The wallpapers look crammed...too much of detail in the wallpaper spoiled it...

  • Anonymous

wear this one plus watch, harry

It's the box that will attract the fans not those backgrounds you can easily downloads om other smart watches

  • cyber

i guess harry potter was interesting 10 years ago,now is not

  • Anonymous

bruv, 18 Oct 2021you gotta be kidding me...i kid you not🤣

  • Anonymous

Good for Harry Potter fans.

  • Anonymous

nice custom themed watch with nice packaging as well, a shame that the actual product isn't as good!