New vivo Y3s launched in India: a cheap Helio P35 phone with a large 5,000 mAh battery

18 October 2021
It is powered by the same P35 chipset as the older Y3s, but it runs Android 11 Go Edition. It has a larger screen, though.

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Another Helio 35 junk from BBk Electronics.

    When can people expect small or compact smart phs to have as a backup, either at home or on travel, even to put inside the bag of a kid or elderly with gps when going out, and also for the few who just love to carry a smart one instead of humengous size. Just why is most are 6.5" large.
    A 5" or 5.4" ph would be like a godsent if someone (manufacturers) can realise it. Every market needs this, just as there a big and small cars, there's a need for small smart phs as well.

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      • 19 Oct 2021

      Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021Good phone A phone still using micro USB in 2021? Good joke

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        • 19 Oct 2021

        Good phone