Oppo K9s will have a 120Hz display, 64MP camera

19 October 2021
All of this was officially confirmed before the phone's official unveiling tomorrow. 

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  • Ukulele

Meh, it's just re-brand just launched realme Q3s.

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021Another same same boring weekly rectangle.Sad but true! I think I'm becoming 'phone blind' just can't tell one from another these days and it's not just looks, the specs are near enough identical most of the time as well!

I hope Google produces mid range phones and sells it all over the globe. Perfect midrange under 300 and 300USD with snapdragon 778G or snapdragon 732G.

If he don't have dedicated Sd-card, for me it's nothing, and I don't buy a phone without sd-card at any way.

  • Anonymous

Another same same boring weekly rectangle.